How to Get Grass Stains Out of Jeans: 6 Easy Steps

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How to Get Grass Stains Out of Jeans: 6 Easy Steps

You have planned a beautiful afternoon picnic with your friends in spring. You dressed complimenting the summer vibes in white jeans, packed some delicious lunch, and enjoyed it immensely. But, on coming back home, you noticed that your white jeans has grass stains on them. You sat there hopeless, lamenting how you lost your favorite pair of jeans to nasty grass stains. But what if we tell you there are ways to remove grass stains from the jeans? To remove the stubborn grass stains, you will need regular household products like vinegar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, non-chlorine bleach, enzyme detergent, or dawn dish soap. 

6 Easy Steps on How to Get Grass Stains Out of Jeans 

Overthinking and being anxious about getting grass stains out of your jeans will only aggravate the issue. Remember, grass stains are a product of a protein mix that includes chlorophyll from plants. The sooner you wash it, the easier it will be to draw out the color and prevent sinkage. 

1. Soak the Jeans in Cold Water

Though we use warm or hot water for most wash-related purposes, this is not the case here. For about thirty minutes, you need to soak your jeans in cold water for the fabric to loosen the stain. Fill water in your kitchen sink or bucket - whichever works best for you. Remember never to use hot water as it will only set the stain. 

2. Pretreat the Grass Stain With Vinegar

Once done with soaking, begin with the pretreating process by mixing 1 part of white vinegar with 1 part of warm water. But why vinegar? It is because vinegar comprises acidic properties and helps by loosening zinc salts or aluminum chloride, thereby protecting all dirt from your clothes. 

Pour or hydrate the stained area with a dab of clean cloth, and let the vinegar solution do its magic for five minutes. Don’t scrub your jeans, as it will only push the pigment into the fiber. 

3. Spot Treat the Stain With Detergent

Once done pretreating with vinegar, the function of detergent will begin. You can use a non-chlorine bleach or an enzyme detergent and put it directly on the grass stain. If you have powdered detergent, mix it with water, and then spot treat the stain. You need to massage the solution gently with a soft-bristled brush on the stain for about 1 to 5 minutes. Always remember to be gentle while washing your jeans. 

4. Let Sit

Once you have completed your work, sit and relax for 10 to 15 minutes while the enzymes work on the grass stain. 

5. Rinse and Check

This step will again see the entry of cold water where you have to rinse the jeans and check if the grass stain is still visible. If it is still present, repeat the steps from 2 to 4, and then put them into the washing machine on the delicate cycle. 

6. Hang Dry

This is the last step where you might have already won your battle against those grass stains. Here, you need to hang your jeans dry. Again, remember only to hang your jeans as the sunlight might clear away the last fragments of the green pigments. 

How to Get Grass Stains Out of White Jeans 

“What am I even going to do without my lucky pair of white jeans? What will I find to wear during those last minutes plans? Why did I even plan to sit on the grass and gossip with my friends?” if all these thoughts are running in your mind as you sit there, concluding that the grass stain will never go away. You’re so wrong. There are approaches to get grass stains out of your white jeans - follow the below steps. 

  • Submerge your White Jeans in White Vinegar

Vinegar is a magical product that drags out most dirt types with its excellent properties, as stated above. To remove grass stains from your white jeans, submerge them in a bucket filled with one part of white vinegar and another part of cool water. Grass cannot grow in acidic conditions; therefore, vinegar will help dissolve the grass stain particles. 

  • Combat Set in Stains with Bleach

Another magic product to remove grass stains from that perfect pair of white jeans is bleach. You might have often noticed your parents put a mixture of bleach and detergent to whiten your school dresses, and this is precisely what needs to be done in case of grass stains. Two things to remember in this step are - 

  1. Mix ½ cup of bleach with detergent, since bleach can be harsh on fabrics as it contains hypochlorous acid and chlorine gas.

  2. Always use cool water and not hot, as the latter will only make the stain permanent.
  • Harness the Power of Sun

What is a quicker, safer, and easiest way to dry clothes? It is drying under the sun. It is mandatory to dry your white jeans under the sun, not laundry dry, since the former will help brighten the white. Once dried, you will relish the fresh and crisp sundried white jeans. 

How Do You Get Grass Stains Out Of Jeans Without Washing Them? 

Right before the day of the party, the jeans you were supposed to wear got ruined by grass stains. You wonder, ‘do grass stains come out without washing?’. It does! You don’t have to wash the whole jeans; just spot treat it with rubbing alcohol.

  1. Take a cotton ball or sponge and saturate the stained area with alcohol.

  2. Hold on till it dries, and wash it with cold water.

  3. Then apply some liquid detergent to the stained area and keep rubbing till the stain has faded.

  4. Then rinse it with cold water and hang it to dry.

We all have some favorite pieces of clothes, and yours might be white jeans. And, if those jeans are stained with grass, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights thinking about its removal. We have listed all the details about stain removal in this article. So, in case you have any of your jeans stained by grass, you know the drill. 


1. Do you wash grass stains in hot or cold water?

Grass stains always need to be washed in cold water as hot water will set the stain even more.

2. Are grass stains easy to remove?

Grass stains are not that tough to clean. It needs vinegar, detergent, alcohol, and cold water to be cleaned.

3. Does vinegar remove grass stains?

Yes, vinegar does remove grass stains. Soak the stain with vinegar and keep it for some time.

4. Does Dawn remove grass stains?

Two squirts of dawn, a cup of white vinegar, and a cup of water mix will do the work. 

5. Are Grass Stains Permanent?

No, grass stains are not permanent and can be cleaned with the help of vinegar, detergent, and more.