Your hunt for the perfect T-shirt ends here.

We engineered a stylish tee that lasts and makes you feel comfortable and confident.

“The Best White T-Shirts For Men”

“These pitch-perfect tees will be a cornerstone of your wardrobe forever”

“With care put into comfort, longevity, and style, these shirts are meant to be the ultimate everyday tee.“

Tired of brands telling you they make the perfect tee?

Like you, we hated these things in other tees

  • Tees that wear out in less than 6 months
  • Fabric that feels coarse, dry, and cheap
  • A collar that wrinkles in the wash (the "bacon collar")
  • A fit that makes you feel unfit
  • A shape that shrinks after washing
  • Premium tees that are too expensive
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Tired of brands telling you they make the perfect tee?
We were, too.
These are the things we hated in basically all the tees on the market, and how we reimagined them to create the perfect tee:

They wore out in less than 6 months.

Our tees are built to LAST. We want you to love and wear them for years to come. 

The fabrics felt coarse,stiff, and cheap.

So ours is luxuriously soft, made from the butteriest, combed cotton. You'll experience extreme softness from the first touch, after every wash and until the last wear.

Their fit made you feel unfit.

Which is why we made our tee 100% flattering for all body types. Neither too tight nor too loose, our tee hugs your chest while leaving enough room for you to move and breathe freely. It doesn't expose your belly when you lift your arms, and it makes your biceps look like you've been working out, even if you haven't.

They shrank after a few washes.

Or even after the first wash, actually! That's why all our tees are pre-shrunk and pre-washed. No matter how many times you wash them, our tees will stay the exact same shape and size as when you bought them.

The collar got all wrinkled.

Ah, the infamous "bacon neck". We eliminated that, completely.

Weak stitching: twisted hems,frayed edges, loose threads.

Which is why we employed our expert craftsmanship and years of expertise to guarantee our seams hold up perfectly, no matter how many times you wash and wear our tees.

Pilling and thinning.

Another pet peeve of ours. And, again, another reason why we only use the highest quality materials and pre-wash all our tees.

Colors faded.

Our colors maintain their original crispness and vibrancy. And our white tees don't tend to get that gross, yellowish tint.

Itchy tags.

This is the reason why all our tees have absolutely ZERO neck tags: zero itching!

They were sheer.

We designed our tees to be completely non see-through: even the white colored ones won't show tattoos or chest hairs.

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Collar That Stays Put & Doesn’t Wrinkle After Wear/Wash

Buttery Soft Fabric That Lasts

Our cotton knit engineered for a luxurious feel and durability (made with craftsmen in Peru, the cotton capital of the world).

Fabric that Doesn't Shrink

Don’t Overpay For Premium Quality

We don’t want you to pay over $60 for these nice tees.

Stylish and Flattering

Our fit is designed to make you look good by enhancing shoulder width, elongating torso, and increasing bicep fit. Not too tight or too loose. Just right.

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Collar That Stays Put & Doesn’t Wrinkle After Wear/Wash


Buttery Soft Fabric That Lasts


Fabric that Doesn't Shrink


Don’t Overpay For Premium Quality


Stylish and Flattering

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