How to Fold Jeans: The Ultimate Guide

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How to Fold Jeans: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to storing your jeans, it is not all fun and games! If you don’t fold them correctly, you end up with a wrinkly pair. And if you keep hanging them, it takes up too much room. So, how to fold your jeans the right way? Well, you don’t have to worry, my friend. We bring you the ultimate guide to ensure you fold your jeans and other pants easily while saving some closet space. Read ahead!

How to Fold Your Jeans to Save Space: Step-by-Step Guide 

This easy, step-by-step guide will walk you through how to fold jeans to save space. Take a look. 

Step 1: Pockets to be well-inserted

The first step on how to fold jeans you need to follow is to smoothen the pockets. We have all been there where it ends up looking bulky and not so right after folding the jeans. This happens because the pockets get bunched up inside. So, all you need to do is push your hands inside the pockets and just push them as much as possible so they are smooth.

Step 2: Give your jeans a nice shake and hold them upright

Once the pockets are done right, the next step in how to fold jeans to save space is to remove the wrinkles. For this, just hold your jeans by the waistband and shake them once or twice. While doing this, ensure the legs are placed on the outer side, where a V is created with each leg. 

Step 3: One leg on top of the other

In the third step, place your jeans on a flat surface, and if any wrinkles are present, you can use your hands to smoothen them out. Make sure you line up the legs one above the other in one fold. 

Step 4: Crotch, it’s always good when hidden (optional)

You can simply tuck the crotch under the legs to make your folded jeans look tidier. This step ensures that the crotch area remains wrinkle-free. While this may make the jeans appear slightly bulky, it is worth it. 

Step 5: Fold your jeans as per your space

The final step is to fold the jeans in half or thirds according to the space in your closet. For example, if you want it to be compact, you fold the bottom of the leg first, then smoothen it out and fold it all the way up to the waistband. But if you have the space, you can just fold it half from the hem to the waistband. 

How to Fold Jeans for Travel 

Carrying multiple suitcases can be a hassle when you are traveling. And no matter where you go, a couple of comfy jeans are always necessary. So, take a look at how to fold jeans for travel, so you can save space for all your other stuff. 

Step 1: As mentioned earlier, ensure you first smoothen out the pockets and give your jeans a good shake to get rid of any wrinkles. Since you are traveling, there are chances that you are not privy to an iron box or maybe just don’t have the time. So, do this right.

Step 2: Next, make sure to lay the jeans on the surface, smoothen it out, and fold it so the legs overlap. Just lift one pant leg and make sure you fold it diagonally. 

Step 3: Now comes the fun part. Roll the jeans from the waistband and ensure the diagonal leg remains out. Once the jeans are rolled up, tuck them inside the pant leg present. Easy! 

If you are wondering how to fold t-shirts to save space, you can use the roll-up method when packing. 

Different Ways to Fold Your Jeans 

Let’s look at how to fold jeans to save space, for packing, for drawers. These ways are easy and will genuinely make your closet or storage space look well-organized. 

  • Roll and Tuck

The roll and tuck is the same method we used for packing. Here, make sure you smoothen out the pockets and ensure you have removed any creases. Now, fold the jeans in half, so one leg is over the other. Take the top leg part and fold it diagonally from the knee area. Roll the jeans from the waistband tightly. Once you are done, put it inside the pant leg that you had left out. You are done! This is an easy method when it comes to how to fold jeans. 

  • Fold Them Flat

Make sure you lay the jeans on a flat surface once you have smoothened them out. First, fold it so the legs overlap each other lengthwise. Now, take the waistband, fold it over the center, and repeat this process with the hemmed end. Finally, fold one half over the other and flatten it out. 

  • Fold the Legs

The first step on how to fold jeans here is to lay them on a flat surface. Now, take the bottom of one leg and then fold it to the knee until it reaches the front pocket. Next, do the same with the other leg. Finally, fold it from one side over the other. 

  • Jelly Roll Them

This is almost like the roll and tuck method, but here you just roll the jeans like a jelly roll! So, let’s begin. First, lay your jeans on a flat surface and make sure you fold them in half so one leg overlaps the other. Now, roll it tightly from the hem to the waistband and ensure you smoothen any wrinkles along the way.

Tips for Storing Folded Jeans

  • If stacking, alternate waistbands to have a higher stack

The waistbands of jeans are usually made of different materials. So, when you stack them up, they may look uneven. So to prevent this, just alternate the waistband positions in the stack.

  • Arrange them in rows for easy visibility

You can always use a box or a basket to keep your folded jeans inside in a horizontal row, making it easier to choose the one you want without disturbing the entire stack. 

  • Always hang them by the waistband

When storing your dress pants, hang them by the waistband using a clip hanger to prevent any wrinkles and to ensure they don’t get stretched out. If you have the space, you can do it with your jeans too. 

  • Cuffs are for hanging

Just like the above method, you can also hang the dress pants or jeans via the cuffs, and instead of using clip hangers, you can use the ones with clamps, so there are no marks left behind. However, you must ensure that your pants don’t touch the closet floor once you hang them, as it can lead to wrinkles and creasing. 

  • Hanger is for folding them over 

For jeans or casual pants, you can always use the regular wooden or non-slip hangers, where you fold them lengthwise in half and place them on the hanger. This is an easy-peasy method and helps you save space as they don’t appear bulky. 

These were all the tips on how to fold your jeans and store them right. Try them out to ensure your closet looks well-organized, and your jeans are stored properly! 


1. Do you fold jeans in or out? 

You can either fold your jeans in or out. Just make sure you follow the above-mentioned methods to ensure they are folded correctly. 

2. Is it OK to roll up jeans? 

Yes, you can roll up your jeans instead of folding them. In the above guide, all the steps are given in detail. Take a look. 

3. How do you fold pants fast and neat?

To fold your pants neat and fast, make sure you lay them on a flat surface and smoothen out any creases. Now, make sure you fold them lengthwise. Next, you can either hang them or fold them. When you are folding them, first fold the hem to the knee part and next, fold the waistband section to the center. Then fold both halves so they overlap each other.