It's Not Just Denim, It's Denim Science


1.Resin Application

If the wash formula consists of resin application, each jean is either sprayed or immersed into a resin mix (the two processes create different looks and feels).

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2.Oven Curation

And everything that goes through our resin process must be pre-cured and then cured afterwards in an oven.


Jeans are scraped in different areas to replicate the distress of normal use. All of our scraping is hand made for a natural look (Yes, your jean is unique!). Intensities, materials, and forms of scraping vary per jean style.

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4.Pinning and Tying

We pin the jeans and often tie them in curious ways before they go into the wet processes. We remove the knots at different times in the washing process (the intention is to create subtle contrasts).

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5.Washing and Drying

Depending on the final look desired, the ingredients inside the machines range from pumice rock (yes the notorious stone wash actually has stone in it) to silicone balls.


Once all the dry and wet finishing processes are completed we put the final touches on our jeans.

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Over 30 years of denim expertise is applied in every pair of our handcrafted jeans. With our family owned facility we control the entire manufacturing process. Being vertically integrated leads to better quality, elimination of waste - and ultimately better pricing. Our artisans have been honing their denim skills for decades, and this is evident the second you put on your first pair.