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In the realm of men's fashion, blue jeans are timeless classics, and black jeans exude a bold sophisticated vibe. But what about gray jeans? They bring a distinct energy to the table that sets them apart. While jeans are the go-to pants for many occasions, sometimes the setting demands something beyond the traditional blues and blacks. That's where the allure of gray jeans comes into play.

Gray jeans occupy a unique space in your wardrobe. They're versatile and stylish, effortlessly enhancing your overall look. Whether you're dressing for a casual hangout or aiming for a semi-formal edge, gray jeans offer the adaptability you need.

Today's gray jeans outfits for men exude confidence, elegance, and sophistication, representing a refined evolution of denim attire. Curious about the best gray jeans for men, how to wear them, and which gray shades you should go for in your outfits? Join us in navigating this wardrobe puzzle.

Where to find the best gray jeans for men? 

If you are looking for the most stylish shades of gray, combined with the extreme comfort of premium denim and the perfect amount of stretch, you will find them at Mott & Bow. Our curated selection of gray jeans for men is unbeatable when it comes to looking bold, feeling confident, and wearing modern-looking jeans. 

Among our gray jeans for men collection you will find the tones you are looking for, as well as medium and heavyweight jeans for men. Read on for our top recommendations. 

The Stone Jeans for Men

A pair of light gray jeans for men

A pair of medium gray jeans for men

A pair of dark gray jeans for men

Available in light gray, medium gray, and medium/dark gray, our all-time favorite Stone jeans will be your new go-to gray jeans.

Featuring a medium-weight denim that is breathable and extremely soft to the touch, the Stone comes with our exclusive Comfort Stretch tech that provides incredible comfort. Its fade resistant and color retention properties guarantee your gray Stone jeans will keep their color even after many, many washes and wears, so pick a pair in your favorite fit: straight, slim or skinny.

The Mercer Jeans for Men

A pair of slim fit light gray twill jeans for men

Our light gray Mercer jeans for men exude a unique style that instills confidence in every step. Designed with exceptional craftsmanship, they offer unrivaled comfort.

An absolute top-seller at Mott & Bow, these soft twill denim jeans are breathable and have the perfect amount of stretch for all day wear. Plus, their medium weight and seasonal trending color make them the perfect pants to wear for fall 2024.

Chinos for Men

A pair of dark gray Chino pants for men

A pair of light gray Chino pants for men

Sleek and sophisticated, our Everywhere Chinos for men are remarkable when it comes to versatility. Their distinctive comfort and elegance make them a natural choice for transitioning from office settings to casual and semi-formal occasions.

A medium-weight performance twill denim jean, it has the right amount of stretch for incredible comfort. The fabric has a unique garment wash added for that lived-in look and soft feel, making our Chinos for men the best choice. It’s available in light gray and dark gray, as well as other office-appropriate washes.

How to style and wear gray jeans for men 

The different shades of gray can be tough to style if you don’t know where to start. Continue reading for some ideas! 

Light gray jeans styling ideas

The lighter shades of gray look best during early fall, late winter, and early spring, when temperatures are crisp and range from low cold to low heat.

For a casual look

During the fall, you can style your light gray jeans with a classic tee. If the weather is a bit chillier, you can go for a long sleeved tee and layer it with a sweater.

When it comes to footwear, white or black sneakers are good options.

For more formal occasions

Our iconic Chinos offer extreme versatility when going for an elegant outfit, and to complete the look, you can layer your button-up shirt with a coat or a deep colored blazer.

Black or brown boots or shoes are the perfect choice to match the sophistication vibes in this outfit.

A man wearing a pair of light gray jeans

Dark gray jeans styling ideas

On the other hand, the darker shades of gray complement the colder seasons of the year, being late fall and early to mid winter the best moments to wear them.

For a night out on the town

As they have a more serious vibe, dark gray jeans look better with button-up shirts. A blazer, sportcoat, v-neck sweater or turtleneck sweater are all great layering options.

Regarding the footwear, this is the best time to wear boots, booties, or even loafers. Black and navy blue look amazing with the darker tones of gray.

For a casual hangout

When it’s colder and a long sleeved tee won’t cut it, you can layer it with one of our cashmere sweaters and a jacket or coat on top.

If you want to keep your outfit even more casual, go for a pair of light colored sneakers that contrast with your dark gray jeans. If it’s too cold, don’t be afraid to wear some brown or navy boots or booties.

An outfit for casual hangouts which consists of a black cashmere sweater, a white tee, and a pair of dark gray jeans

Which colors should I go for when wearing gray jeans?

With light gray jeans

When wearing lighter shades of gray, you’ll find yourself with two options: a drier and muted look, or a deep and edgy contrast.

Going for a drier, muted look? Then stick to similar light colors: light blue, white, beige, desert or camel.

For a deep contrast with your light gray jeans, go for rich shades like black, navy blue, olive green, brown, camel, plum, deep red, and burgundy. We recommend choosing a look with more contrast, as it will elevate your outfit and make your gray colored jeans stand out more.

With dark gray jeans 

Dark gray jeans also look better when their contrast is emphasized. Additionally, since they’re more formal, you’ll find that pairing them with light tones will create a more elegant appearance.

The lighter shades that you can pair with dark gray jeans are white, bone, light beige, cream, light pink, and even light gray for that monochromatic look.

However, don’t be afraid of wearing dark colored shirts: black, brown, deep blue, burgundy and such strike a more serious look, and are good ideas for more formal occasions.

Tees and sweaters to wear with your gray jeans

At Mott & Bow you’ll find premium tees, polos, and sweaters to complement your light or dark gray jeans and strike a modern, crisp look.

If you visit our perfect tee collection, you will find both lighter tones like white, bone, california blue, heather gray, and desert, as well as darker hues, such as black, navy, dark gray, gray green and military green. Our long sleeved tees are the perfect match for your gray jeans during colder seasons.

On the other hand, our 100% pure cashmere sweaters are crafted for the colder seasons but offer extreme breathability, making them perfect for year-round wear. For a bolder look, go for the v-neck option.

So how will you style your gray jeans? Will you go with a classic white or black tee? Or will you venture into more fashion-forward territory with a business-casual or street-style vibe? Whatever option you choose, our Mott & Bow gray jeans for men guarantee a sophisticated and modern look.

A man talking on the phone standing on the street wearing a white polo, a pair of light gray Chinos for men, and beige sneakers


What color tees goes with gray jeans?

How do I prevent my gray jeans from fading?

The first thing to consider is the quality of the denim. If it’s not great or didn’t undergo a proper color treatment, your jeans will most likely end up fading in the long run. Consider getting premium quality denim that lasts more than a few washes, and that doesn’t require washing that often —exactly like our jeans.

Second, when washing your jeans make sure to turn them inside out, use cold water, and select a gentle rinse cycle. Wash clothing that is similarly colored and made of the same materials to prevent damage and garments from picking up different hues. And never use bleach or other chemicals: they’ll affect the composition of your jeans.