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Dependable, durable, versatile, and practical. Jeans have been the go-to casual legwear since they stepped down from job sites into mainstream culture a century ago.

However, as popular as they are, finding the perfect pair is a task almost no one looks forward to: it may feel impossible to find jeans that meet all of our criteria, such as comfort, style, colors that don’t fade, sizes that don't’ shrink, durability, and, most importantly, stretch.

Stretch jeans offer the perks of regular denim but with added elasticity for enhanced comfort. Unlike regular jeans, they provide freedom of movement throughout the day and allow you to wear them as long as you want, without the typical drawbacks of rough, stiff denim.

An additional perk about stretch jeans is that they’re already stretchy, so there’s no need to stretch them out. A common trend with harsh denim is to stretch it out to make it more comfortable. However, this greatly harms your jeans, renders them practically useless, and dramatically shortens their life cycle.

At Mott & Bow, we have developed exclusive stretch technology to infuse every pair of jeans we create: for men, you can find our Comfort Stretch, Dynamic Stretch, or 4-Way Stretch technologies; and for women, our Comfort Stretch, Power Stretch, or Super-Power Stretch technology sets our brand apart from the rest. That’s how we ensure that you can wear your favorites and feel comfortable every minute, regardless of your jeans' style, fit, and color.


Mott & Bow’s Stretch Levels

For our men's denim, we created three categories of stretch. You'll be able to identify them in our styles and fits through the following icons:

Comfort Stretch

Stretch Factor: 5%-25%

Our Comfort Stretch tech comprises the stretch levels everyone needs. We make every pair of jeans with our premium denim quality, so you can comfortably wear your favorite ones for as long as you want.

If you’re looking for an elevated pair of jeans that you can take to the office, we recommend you our Mercer jeans. Made of stretchy twill denim, they boast a 20% stretch factor that allows you to move from one meeting room to another.

However, if you were going for a more traditional kind of jeans, check out our Stone jeans. Crafted in a modern gray hue, these midweight jeans are the ideal option for style and flexibility, boasting a 17% stretch factor.

Developed to be the most comfortable pants that are dressier than jeans but versatile enough to wear casually on the weekend, our Chinos for men will make you feel confident wherever you go. Also made with our stretchy twill denim, they boast a 20% stretch factor that will always keep you at ease.

You can also find our Comfort Stretch technology in the following jeans:

Dynamic Stretch

Stretch Factor: 26%-35%

Created to make jeans perfect for moving around freely while keeping our premium denim quality intact, our Dynamic Stretch jeans are perfect to take on your travels, as their durability and flexibility make them the only pair you need.

This technology was developed to add 2X the amount of stretch than that of typical denim. The result? Insane comfort levels, exceptional flexibility, and jeans that can even stand in as activewear.

If this sounds like the stretch you’d like, check out our Wooster jeans. With a 35% stretch factor, they’re the perfect choice for everything from activewear to lounging.

And if you want something a bit more luxurious and substantial, try our Staple jeans. Made with Italian denim, this elegant pair boasts a 32% stretch factor.

More of our men’s jeans that carry our Dynamic Stretch technology are:

4-Way Stretch

Stretch Factor: +36%

We developed our 4-Way Stretch tech to make our jeans suitable for active people. Typically jeans with a stretch component will only stretch horizontally. Our unique high-performance denim stretches vertically and horizontally.

Take a look at our Greene jeans. They pack a remarkable 39% stretch factor that you can take on your hikes or your bike rides to the office.

Also empowering flexibility, our Broome jeans create a better range of motion for those who require form and function simultaneously in their daily wardrobe. With an outstanding 37% stretch factor, these jeans are built for action.


Mott & Bow’s Stretch Levels

For our women's denim, we've also introduced three exclusive Stretch categories, showcasing superior stretch levels that surpass those typically found in regular jeans. Discover our women's jeans with 35%, 43%, and even 53% stretch factors, levels that elevate your comfort and style beyond what you would expect from denim.

We developed these categories because women’s denim has developed a bad reputation over the last few years, where an increasing quantity of women have completely refrained from wearing jeans and turned to leggings or pants that aren’t made of denim.

This speaks clearly to us: women need denim jeans that can be worn, flatter their silhouette, and move with their body. And these realities led us to create our superior stretch levels.

Comfort Stretch

Stretch Factor: 5%-25%

We designed our Comfort Stretch tech to cater to the flexibility every woman desires. Our premium denim ensures your favorite jeans offer lasting comfort for your everyday needs.

Available in darker shades to make them super versatile and perfect for every season, our Allen jeans feature a 21% stretch factor.

If you’re looking for a timeless blue denim wash, snag our Ridge jeans. A midweight pair, they come with a 23% stretch factor that hugs your body in a flattering way.

Power Stretch

Stretch Factor: 26%-35%

Our Power Stretch tech makes denim ultra-comfortable to move around in. A perfect choice to make any pair with these levels of stretch your go-to travel jeans.

Going for a vintage-looking pair? Our Beekman jeans feature a wash that will reminisce the style of classic jeans. This pair boasts a 32% stretch factor, and its heavy weight makes it perfect for the colder seasons.

Made with Italian denim, our Moore jeans come with a 35% stretch factor. Crafted using midweight denim, this pair's the perfect choice if you're looking for an elevated pair with a traditional look.

More of our jeans developed with our Power Stretch tech:

Super Power Stretch

Stretch Factor: +36%

Our denim-defying Super-Power Stretch is the kind of stretch that’s never been seen on a pair of jeans before. The best way we can describe the jeans with this stretch is by saying you’ll feel like you're in your gym pants—only you're wearing denim. This is high-performance denim at its best.

One of our Super-Power Stretch bestsellers, the Ann, is an amazingly comfortable pair with a unique blue hue. Its superb 53% stretch factor makes it so soft and comfortable that you'll make it your travel jeans.

Timelessly elegant, our black Bond jeans feature a 43% stretch factor and are perfect to wear in casual and semi-formal settings.

Lastly, you can also find that our Grove jeans carry our Super-Power stretch, with a superb 36% stretch factor. While jeans have traditionally been rigid and durable, today's options don't compromise comfort. With a versatile blend of materials, at Mott & Bow, you can find women’s jeans that are not only long-lasting and stylish but also flexible and comfortable.


Which brands of jeans have a lot of stretch?


  • Mott & Bow
  • Mugsy
  • Calvin Klein


  • Mott & Bow
  • Everlane
  • Calvin Klein

What are the stretchiest jeans I can find at Mott & Bow?

  • For men, our Broome jeans feature a 37% stretch factor, which allows them to be used as activewear.
  • For women, our Ann jeans. Their superb 53% stretch factor makes them unique and unmatched in comfort and style.

Should you size up or down in stretch jeans?

  • For stretch jeans, the stretch is there to keep you comfortable and let you move freely. We advise you to go get a pair your exact size. They stretch when you put them on, and they retract when you take them off.

Will stretch jeans get bigger?

  • High-quality jeans will stay the same size and shape for many years. Nonetheless, with everyday use, it’s perfectly normal that jeans stretch out a bit. Be sure to get premium jeans like ours, that stay the same over time and don’t lose their shape on their first wash.