Women wear
push-up bras. Men wear these tees.

We engineered a stylish tee that
lasts and makes you feel
comfortable and confident.

“The Best White T-Shirts For Men”

“These pitch-perfect tees will be a cornerstone of your wardrobe forever”

“With care put into comfort, longevity, and style, these shirts are meant to be the ultimate everyday tee.“

Tired of brands telling you they make the perfect tee?

Like you, we hated these things in other tees

  • Tees that wear out in less than 6 months
  • Fabric that feels coarse, dry, and cheap
  • A collar that wrinkles in the wash (the "bacon collar")
  • A fit that makes you feel unfit
  • A shape that shrinks after washing
  • Premium tees that are too expensive
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The Tees you'll want to wear everyday

Collar That Stays Put & Doesn’t Wrinkle After Wear/Wash

Buttery Soft Fabric That Lasts

Our cotton knit engineered for a luxurious feel and durability (made with craftsmen in Peru, the cotton capital of the world).

Fabric that Doesn't Shrink

Don’t Overpay For Premium Quality

We don’t want you to pay over $60 for these nice tees.

Stylish and Flattering

Our fit is designed to make you look good by enhancing shoulder width, elongating torso, and increasing bicep fit. Not too tight or too loose. Just right.

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Collar That Stays Put & Doesn’t Wrinkle After Wear/Wash


Buttery Soft Fabric That Lasts


Fabric that Doesn't Shrink


Don’t Overpay For Premium Quality


Stylish and Flattering

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Purposeful Design
for the
Perfect Tee

"Don't continue being the guy that can't pull off the smooth tee look."

Andrew S

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The premium cotton
capital of the world