The Tee You Will Want To Wear
For Every Occasion

Feels Amazing · Figure Flattering · Versatile · Holds Shape After Washing

Underwhelmed with the tees
you've been buying?

We were tired of getting tees with an unflattering fit, that felt like cardboard,
lost their shape after washing, or frankly just were not good enough.

So we created your
new favorite tee

A wonderfully basic Tee that can change your fashion fortune
forever. You'll feel like you don't have enough of them.

The Softest & Most
Comfortable Tee

- Butterfly and silky soft
- Comfort that lasts
- Holds its shape all day
- Looks like new after every wash
- Lightweight, but never sheer

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The Most Versatile Tee
In Your Wardrobe

- Layer or wear it on its own
- Dress it up or down
- Goes with anything
- Stylish and luxurious

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A Figure Flattering Fit

- Designed for a almost all body types
- Fitted but never tight
- Perfect length makes it easy to tuck in

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Your Hunt For The
Perfect Tee Ends Here

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Customer Reviews

"Great Fit, Very Light and Keeps Shape. It's the Perfect Tee"

- Jennifer C.

"Good Basic Tee, Soft and Form-Fitting with an Even Hemline"

- Laura M.

"Great Fitting Super Soft T-Shirt. Love."

- Kim W.

The Perfect Tee Has Benefits

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