How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans : A Guide for Women

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How to Wear Ankle Boots with Jeans : A Guide for Women

Your wardrobe is filled with skinny jeans, flared jeans, straight-leg jeans, denim, and colorful pants that hop on the current trends. However, you don't find a suitable pair of ankle boots to complete your look. There are wide varieties available now, so you are confused about how to wear ankle boots with jeans. As Bette Midler said, "I firmly believe that with the right footwear, one can rule the world," so if you want to rule the world with your style statement, let's find out what ankle boots are and how to style them with jeans.

What are Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are women's boots with tops that end at or around the ankle. Earlier, women loved wearing boots under trousers or slacks; however, the high tops of the boots wouldn't fit under their trouser legs. Thanks to fashionista gurus, ankle boots came to the rescue. Ankle boots cover the entire foot without extending up the leg. These boots were praised for their usefulness; however, now they come in varied styles and can be perfectly paired with leggings, trousers, and skirts. Whether you want them in casual or formal wear, ankle boots will match the occasion with your preferred heel lengths.

3 Main Types of Ankle Boots

Ankle boots come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. You will find three popular types: short, medium, and tall. Depending on your preference, attire, and occasion, you can pick one that will suit your outfit.

Short Ankle Boots

Short ankle boots are just right at or below the ankle bone. They are versatile and go easily with trousers, skirts, or dresses. Just roll up your jeans and get a cool look. They are an excellent option for spring.

Medium Ankle Boots

Medium ankle boots are the most commonly preferred by most boot lovers. These boots reach an inch or above the ankle bone. If you want boots more fitted to the calf, go for medium ankle boots.

Tall Ankle Boots

Tall ankle boots are a few inches high above your ankle boots. Moreover, they are broad in calf width and add a modern vibe to your style.


Ankle Boots with Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans give a classy look if paired with ankle boots. It is the perfect combination and attention-grabbing style statement. How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans? In skinny jeans, there are two options: regular and cropped. Regular skinny jeans need to hide the hem in ankle boots. In cropped jeans, you will need to roll the hem about half an inch upwards and repeat the process to get two tiny folds above the ankle.

Nevertheless, it is best to avoid this pair in official use. Instead, try cropped skinny jeans and ankle boots with a higher shaft for a party look. While using regular skinny jeans, ensure they are tucked nicely into the top of the boot.

Ankle Boots with Wide Leg Jeans

Do you want an incredibly sleek look with a high-fashioned style? Then look no further, as the solution is ankle boots with wide-leg jeans. Comparatively, ankle boots with wide-leg jeans are more leisurely to pair than skinny jeans. If you are wondering how to wear high ankle boots with jeans, wide-leg jeans complete your graceful look. Don't wanna show your ankle skin while walking? No worries. Ankle boots with wide-leg jeans are an ideal option for you.

Ankle Boots with Straight Leg Jeans

How to wear ankle boots with straight leg jeans? The pair allows your jeans and ankle boots to meet easily. Choose the boot height that easily touches the bottom of the jeans. Too low ankle boots will reveal your ankle skin. And if you choose too high a boot length, the jeans will bunch. The cropped straight-leg jeans pairs very well with ankle boots. Ensure there isn't too much space between the top of your boot and the hem of your jeans. If there is more space, it will look awkward, losing its classy style. You can choose low, medium, or high ankle boots depending on the length of your jeans. 

14 Ankle Boots and Jeans Outfit Ideas

Below are 14 ideas to pair up your ankle boots and jeans. Get inspired with these ideas and see what suits you the most.

All Black

All black is a simple yet classic outfit loved by every fashionista woman worldwide. However, styling with black from head to toe is not recommended. You can add some splash of color while going for an all-black outfit. A sleep black sweater and black jeans compliments well with tan or printed ankle boots. You can also try brown-colored boots with gold jewelry to create a bold look. Snakeskin or leopard print also gives a magnetic touch to your personality with an all-black outfit.

Single Cuff with Blazer

Love Friyay weekend casual look? Try the single cuff with a blazer look paired up with ankle boots. A single cuff of the jeans will elongate your legs. A button-down top paired with a casual blazer will make you look professional. To add more classiness to your outfit, try embellished ankle boots and slay the weekend night. .

Cardigan and White Tee

Want to flaunt neutral colors in a chic way? Try tan ankle boots to elevate your look with dark skinny jeans paired with a white tee and a long duster cardigan. Flaunt your gold jewelry to compliment your neutral look and outshine others with grace.

Black Skinny Jeans and Denim Jacket

Are you a petite woman coveting to make your legs look long and lean? Worry not! We have got you covered. Black skinny jeans and wedge ankle boots make a perfect pair to give you an elevated look. Flaunt your style by pairing skinny black jeans, a knotted white button-down top, and wedge ankle boots, and provide a classy look by wearing a denim jacket. Be a showstopper with your dressed-to-kill attitude. 

Wintery Layered Look

A true fashionista will strive hard to look gorgeous in every season. Don't worry about the fall season, as here is the ideal way to make you look more fabulous in the cozy atmosphere. You will need an extra layer to protect yourself from winter. Dark wash or black jeans with high boots will give you a flawless look. Wear a dressy tunic, a long sweater, or a long gray jacket with a belt that adds elegance to your style. A printed scarf will give a boho feel and keep you warm with a trendy feel.

Maroon Pants

Maroon pants are a la mode and a great choice in the fall and winter. Moreover, they add a splash of colors to your wardrobe. Maroon pants go well with white, gray, and black tops perfectly. Pair them up with brown, tan, khaki, camel, or gray color ankle boots. Complete the look with a printed scarf for a dazzling effect. The complete attire carries a casual as well as formal look. You may need to cuff the pants with one long cuff followed by another that doesn't reach the top of the first cuff to prevent bunching. 

Jeans and Combat Boots

Jeans with combat boots are an incredible street-style outfit idea. Though the combination is fabulous, wearing combat boots depends on the jeans' style. In skinny and straight jeans, you can tuck them in combat boots, whereas in cropped jeans, you can't. The jeans get unrolled in wide or flared-leg jeans, which messes up the look. Wear combat boots with straight-leg jeans and an oversized sweater for a fall or winter outfit. Combat boots will keep you warm in winter.

Colored Ankle Boots and Jeans

Colored ankle boots are the talk of the town. Add them to your bucket list if they are not already in your wardrobe. A dark wash skinny jeans paired with a white top and colored boots will give you an epic look. These colored boots are attention seekers, so try to keep other accessories minimal. 

Red Cardigan and Gold Accents

If you love a vibrant red cardigan, think of brown ankle boots to compliment the look. A white tee with gold accents will add a bold statement to your personality. With this sleek look, roar out loud with your go-girl attitude.

Black Jeans and Chambray Top

Black jeans and a chambray top is the most classic outfit. Try tan ankle boots to enrich your elegant look with this attire. Then, complete the look with your favorite accessories. If it's too cold, you can wear a long sweater over the chambray top and create a fashion statement for yourself.

 Stripe Top with Chambray

With chambray and dark denim, try wearing a striped top. The style will never be out of fashion. Keep your chambray shirt unbuttoned to give a sneak peek of your stripe top, which provides a new and elegant look.

Pops of Red

Love is in the air! With red, nothing goes wrong! If you want to complete your denim jeans and jacket attire, try wearing a red top underneath the jacket to separate the denim on the denim look. Wear ankle boots to compliment the denim style. Cuff your jeans wide so that your booties grab all the attention. Add a red beanie to your head to enhance the vibrant red look.

A Little Leopard Belt

You might wonder how to elevate your look with neutral outfits, such as dark blue jeans, a dark t-shirt, and a long gray or beige cardigan. Look no further, as the animal print accessories create an eye-appealing effect. Try a little leopard belt on your waist and turn that look into a treat to one’s eye. 

Mix Patterns

Mixing patterns is a trend that goes well if you know how to blend two abstract patterns. Like the striped pattern top shirt or sweater, you can wear ankle boots with a camouflage pattern. To break the pattern, wear solid jeans so that the mixed pattern gives an edgy look to your colorful personality.

How To Choose The Best Ankle Boots and Jeans

A fashionista will always keep an eye on quality, fit, design, material, and price while choosing any outfit or footwear. Go for high-quality jeans made of cotton, elastane, and polyester. However, don't forget the pockets and belt loops, which are often missing in ladies' jeans. 

When choosing ankle boots, look for leather and merino wool material as they are durable and sturdy. With jeans, ensure they fit you perfectly, or customize them per your fittings. For casual wear, opt for lighter shades. The price range for jeans and ankle boots ranges from $60 to $200. However, the price will mostly depend upon the brand, quality, and budget.


Till now, you may have got the idea of how to wear jeans with ankle boots. Apart from this, consider your height while choosing jeans or boots. For example, if you are petite and wondering how to wear flat ankle boots with jeans, try them with skinny jeans, cropped jeans, or leggings. For tall women, wear them with jeans and a simple sweater. 

However, being comfortable in one's style is essential. As someone has rightly said, "Fashions fade, style is eternal." Do you agree? What is your take on it?


What should you not wear with ankle boots?

Mini skirts, baggy jeans, statement pants, and prairie dresses don't go well with ankle boots. So, if you wish to wear any of these, go for knee-high boots, cowboy boots, sneakers, or some other.

What type of jeans should I wear with ankle boots?

Given that skin jeans embrace your body from the hips to the thighs to the knees to the calves to the ankles, they are an obvious choice. Being the tightest of all the available varieties of jeans, they are frequently produced from stretchy materials.

Can you wear ankle boots over jeans?

It is best to pair up your ankle boots with skinny jeans that are cuffed. Over-sized boyfriend jeans may work well too.

Should I tuck my jeans into my boots?

You wouldn't want your jeans' fabric to bunch, wrinkle, and crease above the shaft of your boots. So, better to go for jeans that rest a little above your instep.