9 Ways To Cuff Your Jeans

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9 Ways To Cuff Your Jeans

We have all probably cuffed our jeans at one point or another, haven’t we? It can be to shorten the length of the pants, show some ankle for a fashionable twist, or maybe because you had a cool pair of new shoes you wanted to show off. But have you done it the right way? Because when you cuff your jeans right, it can make you look super stylish and add definition to the legs. So, without further ado, let’s look at how to cuff jeans.

The single cuff 

The easiest cuff is the single cuff since it is thoroughly straightforward and offers a more casual look. For this method, just fold your jeans from the hem in a single fold where you expose the inside of the pants. One of the reasons why it works is because of the color contrast between your jeans and the cuff. If you are wondering how to cuff men's jeans? You can opt for the same method. 

The double cuff 

The double cuff is, again, very simple and is a repetition of the single cuff process. However, instead of folding the edge of the jeans once, you do it twice. Again, just remember to keep both sides uniform.

The ‘skinny’ double cuff 

Women’s jeans can be skinny and slightly tight. So, if you want to do a double cuff, it can look bulky at the bottom. So what you can do is make a single cuff a little longer. This style will also look good with boots. 

The mega cuff 

Well, the name says it all! It is a big cuff. If you want to know how to cuff your jeans in a mega cuff, then go for an oversized version and heavy denim, which is more than 4 inches long. The mega cuff is usually recommended for taller people as it can make you look shorter. This cuff is well-suited for girls who love flaunting loose jeans, such as boyfriend jeans.


The summer cuff 

If you have a great pair of shoes that you want to show off where your ankles and calves are also visible, then opt for a summer cuff. It makes a great casual look too. So, how to cuff your jeans in a summer cuff? Just fold it twice, thrice, or even four times unevenly.

The inside-out cuff 

If you want to stand out and look uber stylish, an inside-out cuff can help out. So, how to properly cuff jeans in this style? For this, do a big cuff on the inside, then end it with a single cuff on the outside. 

The pin roll 

If you want to look slimmer from the knee down, the pin roll cuff is perfect. It is one of the ways to cuff your jeans that can highlight your shoes. For this style, first, fold the inseam of the jeans vertically. Don’t let it go, and immediately do a single cuff. Make sure the cuff is about 3-4 centimeters. Finally, fold it once or twice. However, for this style, you must choose a jeans with a few extra inches.

The Bicycle Cuff 

The bicycle cuff is a casual look, which you can opt for when outdoors, such as at the beach or maybe at a carnival. For this, do a double cuff first, and then pull the jeans until it reaches under your knees. 

The Japanese cuff 

A Japanese cuff combines the mega cuff and the single cuff. It is a suitable style when your jeans are too long. So first, make a big cuff about 3-4 inches and then repeat a single cuff.

How high should you cuff your jeans? 

There are two simple rules you must follow to cuff your jeans. 

Rule 1: The cuff shouldn’t be too high that it goes over the top of your shoes.

Rule 2: The cuff should suit the fit of your jeans. So, the thumb rule here is that loose jeans can have bigger cuffs while skinny ones must have smaller cuffs.

Stacking: The cuff alternative

If you are not a fan of cuffing, you can opt for an alternative known as stacking. In this method, you just let the extra length stack over your footwear. However, this look is best with slimmer fits.

These were the nine ways to cuff your jeans the right way. It helps you put a fashionable foot forward.


What is the proper way to cuff jeans?

We bring you nine proper ways to cuff your jeans in the above-article, take a look. However, the simplest cuff is the single cuff where you fold the hem of the jeans just once. 

Does cuffing your jeans make you look shorter? 

Yes, cuffing can shorten the length of your pants and make you look slightly shorter.

Do you wear socks with cuffed jeans? 

You can wear socks with cuffed jeans depending on your shoe style. However, keep the socks low. 

Are cuffed pants out of style? 

No, cuffed pants are back in trend. 

Is it OK to cuff baggy jeans?

Yes, you can cuff your baggy jeans.