Khaki Pants: 21 Styling Ideas for Men and Women in 2024

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Khaki Pants: 21 Styling Ideas for Men and Women in 2024

It seems like 90s fashion is returning to our wardrobe. First, it was the cardigans and now it is the classy khaki! Khaki-colored pants are versatile as they work well as a smart casual and also look perfect for a night out.  If you don’t know what khaki pants are, well, they are beige-brown pants that seem everywhere today. But what to wear with khaki pants? All this and more coming up right ahead. Just keep reading to know all about it!

How to wear khaki pants?

Khakis are classic pants that are made of cotton twill. They come with a flat front or even with pleats. They are perfect for both men and women and look supremely elegant. Basically, they are thick cotton pants. Did you know? The color name khaki came into existence in the year 1848. This was because it was introduced to be a part of the military uniform. However, it was a standard color for smart casuals in western culture. So, what to wear with khaki pants? Below we bring you all the details. 

Mens Khaki Pants Outfit Ideas in 2024

Let’s take a look at what goes with khaki pants for men to ensure you look your best and exude classy fashion this year. 

Khaki Jeans

Khaki Pant And A Sweatshirt 

What to wear with khaki pants,  men always wonder. Well, one of the easiest ways to style khaki pants is with your favorite sweatshirt. You have plenty of options from light colors, such as grey, pale blue, and violets to dark colors like navy blue, maroon, and green. Pair it with your trusted canvas shoes and it is a perfect outfit for a casual date and even for your work. 

But if you want to give it a formal touch, you can wear a shirt on top of it. Ensure they are contrasting colors or go for a light and dark combo.

Puffer Jackets 

If you experience chilly weather often, a puffer jacket will keep you super warm and look cool on you! Here, you can go for a dark brown jacket. Coming to the shoes, you can experiment with the colors and see what works well for you. If you are confused white shoes work well. 

White Polo T-Shirt

This is a classic khaki pant outfit idea and you can never go wrong here! A big date? This works. Something for work? This works. Concert to attend? A white polo t-shirt and your khaki pants scream perfection. For shoes, just opt for sneakers or canvas shoes. But keep your accessories classy. Instead of bracelets or bands, opt for a watch. Ensure your belt isn’t too quirky. 

Bright Vibrant Colors 

If you are in for a casual outing but want to elevate your style, pair it with something bright. To finish the look, go for a darker color like navy blue for shoes. However, the colors should not clash with khaki. 

Turtles Necks and Scarfs 

If you want to add an artistic flair or a regal touch to your outfit, opt for turtle necks with a sober scarf. For instance, you can go for a black or a brown turtle neck with a light-colored silk scarf. You can also top it up with a trench coat and use boots to complete the look. 

Wool Jacket 

Want to look effortlessly classy? Well, choose a wool jacket with khaki pant. Here, you can go with brown boots. 

Light Blue Shirt 

Another classy pairing with khaki pant is a light blue shirt. It works well like formal wear or even during an elegant outing. Here, you can go with black formal shoes.  


Do you have a big meeting or a presentation? Want to look your best? A blazer with khaki pants is the way to go. You can simply opt for a black blazer with black shoes. As for the shirt, choose a light color. 

Plain Black T-Shirt

If you are in a hurry yet want to look good, wear your khaki pants with a plain black t-shirt. You can combine it with a simple pair of sneakers and a classy watch.

Checkered Shirts 

Want to look casual yet super stylish? Opt for a checkered shirt with your khaki pants. It is an evergreen combo that will make you look like the boy next door. For instance, red and black checks shirts or blue and green. The thumb rule here is to ensure that all the colors on your shirt match the khaki color. 

These were the easiest and the best styling tips for men on how to wear khaki pants with a fashionable twist. 

Women Khaki Pants Outfits Ideas

Let’s discuss how women can style their khaki pants to look chic and elegant. 

Black Shirt 

One of the most elegant ways to style khaki pants for women is with a black shirt. If you are planning to wear it for work, you can always opt for a cotton shirt, but if it is for an evening outing, you can go for a georgette or satin shirt and pair it with jewelry and a belt. Here, boots or high heels. 

White Shirt 

Just like a black shirt, a white one is another classic. A white shirt and khaki pants are like a match made in heaven. If you want something formal but fun, this is perfect for you. It makes you look well put together and has elements of playfulness. Here, you can go for sandals or formal shoes, if it is for the office. But if you are going on a casual outing, a pair of sneakers look perfect. 

White t-shirt 

How can we forget a plain white tee? It is versatile and something every man and woman should have in their wardrobe. It is a perfect combination with your khaki pants. Here, a white t-shirt and khaki pants are like your plain canvas, and you can style them the way you want. For instance, if it is for work, a belt and a watch are all you need. As for shoes, you can go with canvas shoes or even sandals. 

However, if you want to give a gypsy vibe, you can add a long loose shrug and pair it with chunky jewelry. Here, heels or sandals are the best! So, you can style it the way you want or keep it as it is. 

Navy Blazer

Want to look like a girl boss who is always productive and super efficient. Go for khaki pants, a plain shirt, or a t-shirt, and a navy blazer. For the color of your shirt or t-shirt, choose light colors that go well with navy color. As for shoes, formal ones go really well. 

Vest Top 

Are you looking to keep things casual yet elegant? Well, my friend, you only need a pair of your favorite khaki pants and a tank top. If you are going out with friends, you can go for an open boyfriend shirt or even look for lacy vest tops. 

Denim Shirt 

Denim shirts are classy yet look good with almost everything. If you have a pair of khaki pants but nothing suitable to pair them with, go for a denim shirt. You can simply tuck it in and go with sneakers for shoes and you are good to go. But let’s say you want to do something sassy here. You can go for a lacy top and a choker necklace, then use a denim shirt as a jacket. However, the denim shirt must be oversized for the second option. 

Lace Top 

If you want a feminine yet sensual option on how you can use your khaki pants, go for a lace top. Here, you can go for a black top and choose something that fits you well. And for shoes, go with black heels or boots. You will look like perfection. 

Bold Color Tops 

Do you have vibrant-colored tops like bright blue or orange and look forward to clubbing with your friends? Well, pair them with your khaki pants. But go for ballet flats here. So, you can dance your heart out while looking chic. 

Graphic T-Shirts 

Do you or your partner own graphic t-shirts with superheroes and more? It goes seamlessly well with your khaki pants. Pair it with your sneakers, and you have got yourself a tom-boyish look that’s super cute.  

Khaki pants are in, and it looks like they are here to stay! So, use our above style tips when confused to rock that khaki look. From graphic t-shirts to blazers, khaki pants are versatile and you can pair them with almost anything. Just make sure the colors don’t clash. 

A Silk Blouse 

If elegance is what you are hoping for, a silk blouse looks perfect with khaki pants. However, go for flattering colors that gel with khaki. You can go for peach, baby pink, navy blue, or black. 

Happy Styling! 


What color goes with khaki pants?

If you are looking for a perfect match, blue, green, black, white, violet, and maroon work incredibly well with khaki pants. That said, khaki is such a sober color that even contrasting shades of brown also seem to work well. 

What to wear with khaki pants?

We bring you complete details in the above article. Just take a look for the best khaki pants style tips.

How do you wear khakis in 2024?

Creativity is the key here. From pairing it with a shirt to even a crop top, you can do it all. Today, khaki is a must-have item in your wardrobe. In fact, it makes perfect formal wear. If you are ever confused about what to wear for the office, go with a white shirt and khaki pants. Take a look at the above article for complete details. 

What tops go with khaki pants?

Shirts, t-shirts, and fancy blouses work well will khaki pants. Here, the main thing you must keep in mind is the color. Go for something that works well with khaki and not go against it and finally, when you pair it with the footwear, it must all come together. 

What shoes do you wear with khaki pants?

Depending on the top you are wearing, you can pair a shoe accordingly. But right from sneakers to heels, you can work a variety of styles with khaki pants. If you are planning an evening outing and it is something fancy, heels or sandals work well. Otherwise, you have a wide variety to choose from.