How to Wash and Take Care of Your Jeans: A Mott & Bow Guide

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How to Wash and Take Care of Your Jeans: A Mott & Bow Guide

Properly caring for your jeans is not just about keeping them clean; it's about preserving their life, your style, and your investment in quality.

Neglecting proper care can lead to numerous issues: clothes can quickly become unwearable, leading to unnecessary spending on replacements, discomfort from ill-fitting or damaged denim, and the frustration of outfits that just don't look right. The search for new jeans is time-consuming and often fruitless when you've lost a pair that once fit perfectly.

At Mott & Bow, we elevate every standard with our meticulous Denim Science process, ensuring our jeans stand the test of time. This process involves several key steps: resin application, oven curing, pre-washing, and drying. Each step is critical in enhancing the durability, quality, and fit of our jeans. In contrast, many other companies skip these steps, resulting in jeans that quickly lose their color, shape, form, and size. Our black jeans go even further with fade-resistant technology, ensuring they stay true to color for longer.

Why Proper Care When Washing Your Jeans Matters

Proper washing and care can significantly extend the life of your jeans, preserving their color, shape, and fabric integrity. Mott & Bow jeans are designed with high-quality materials that require less frequent washing, highlighting our commitment to sustainability and durability.

Step-by-Step: How to Wash Your Mott and Bow Jeans

  1. Preparation: Sort your jeans by color and fabric type. Empty pockets and fasten zippers and buttons.
  2. Turning Inside Out: Turn your jeans inside out to protect the outer surface during the wash.
  3. Washing Temperature and Detergent: Use cold water and your detergent of choice. Avoid using bleach or any strong chemicals that could damage our premium denim’s quality.
  4. Drying: All of our jeans can be tumble or air-dried, whatever suits your needs.

Specific Tips for Different Types of Denim

  • Jeans: Turn inside out, wash in cold water with your preferred detergent, and either tumble or air dry.
  • Black Jeans: Our fade-resistant technology keeps them looking newer for longer. Follow the same care instructions as above to maintain their deep color.
  • Raw Denim: Avoid washing for the first six months to allow the denim to naturally conform to your body. When it's time to wash, do so sparingly and carefully by hand in cold water.

Our jeans are celebrated for their timeless style, exceptional durability, and ease of maintenance—qualities that have solidified their status as favorites in both our Men’s and Women’s collections. These standout attributes not only mark our denim as top choices among discerning customers but also reflect our unwavering commitment to quality, year after year.

Let’s now explore the unique features of our best-selling jeans, which exemplify why they're not just clothing, but investments in enduring style and quality.

Men’s Collection

  • Slim Mercer Jeans: The 2024 favorites, celebrated for their availability in 14 modern colors and premium quality denim, these jeans are a testament to Mott & Bow's dedication to ease of care, enhanced durability, and lasting color retention. Engineered for the modern lifestyle, they transition seamlessly from office wear to casual settings, ensuring comfort for all-day wear. Perfect for making them your go-to daily jeans, the Mercer embodies the ideal blend of style, convenience, and enduring quality.

  • Slim Stone Jeans: Crafted for those who value style and substance, these slim fit jeans are a testament to our dedication to durability. They effortlessly endure numerous washes, maintaining their structural integrity and comfort, making them a lasting addition to any wardrobe. Additionally, they're incredibly soft, making them the perfect pair of neutral jeans for any outfit. Available in shades that go from the lighter to the darker spectrum, they’re ideal for all-year wear.

Women’s Collection

  • Slim Straight Ridge Jeans: These jeans stand out for their perfect blend of style, comfort, and low-maintenance care. Made with superior materials that withstand regular washing, they promise to keep their shape and hue, offering you a piece of enduring denim elegance. Additionally, they're designed with butt-lifting, tummy-tucking, and waist-gapping features, which, alongside their ease of care and premium quality, make for the perfect blend of durable and flattering jeans.

  • High Rise Skinny Jane Jeans: These are the epitome of what our premium denim represents—jeans that keep their shape and waistband integrity over time. Designed to face the challenge of frequent washing without compromising their flattering silhouette, they redefine what it means to invest in quality denim. Moreover, their skinny fit is exceptionally flattering and comfortable, hugging your curves to ensure you look your best while providing the freedom to move without restriction.

How to Avoid Premature Wear

To extend the life of your jeans and avoid premature wear, wash your jeans only when necessary. This will help preserve the fabric's quality and keep its original colors. When washing, avoid bleach and harsh chemicals. These can break down denim fibers over time, leading to weakening and fading. For storage, hanging your jeans up or folding them neatly yields more life to them, as this relieves the fabric from unnecessary stress.

Also, steer clear of dirty, dusty places that can prematurely age your denim, and if possible, rotate your denim. Regularly rotating between different pairs can reduce wear and tear, allowing the fabric to rest and retain its shape better between wears.

Mott & Bow jeans are designed with the philosophy that denim should improve with age, reducing the need for frequent washing. Our jeans adapt to your lifestyle, becoming more personalized with time, without compromising on appearance or comfort.

Our Conclusions

Neglecting proper care for your jeans can lead to a myriad of issues, from discomfort to the hassle of frequent replacements. Fortunately, ensuring they remain in top-notch condition is straightforward, especially with Mott & Bow jeans. Our premium quality and Denim Science processes allow you to easily take care of them, avoiding time-consuming requirements like handwashing and air drying.

Thanks to our commitment to delivering quality, durability, and ease of maintenance, keeping your jeans looking and feeling great is simpler than ever. Following our four-step guide will make it easy to maintain your jeans, guaranteeing you'll enjoy your jeans for years.