20 Styling Ideas for Mom Jeans

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20 Styling Ideas for Mom Jeans

Move aside boyfriend jeans because it is now time for mom jeans to take center stage! From Queen Bey to Kendell Jenner, celebs have been rocking this look for quite some time now. So, what’s so special about these jeans? Well, they are not only super stylish but also super comfy. But what to wear with mom jeans? How can you style them? Don’t worry! We have all the information you need right here. We have easy-peasy style tips to ensure you put your most fashionable foot forward.  

What are Mom Jeans?

We know, the name sounds like mom jeans are something, well, a mom would wear. But that’s where you are wrong. Mom jeans are an informal term for high-waisted women’s jeans that were a peak of fashion in the 80s and early 90s. However, by the 2000s, these jeans were worn by older American women and somehow got stuck with the name mom jeans. 

While it gained slight popularity in the 2010s but has been around again since the 2020s. A mom jeans is a high waist, go beyond the nave, and have loose bottoms. They also have extra space near the crotch and zipper area, giving supreme comfort. 

Mom Jeans Outfits

What shoes to wear with mom jeans 2023? Well, ladies. Styling a pair of comfy mom jeans is no rocket science. Just look at the tips below and you are good to go! 

The Vintage Twist 

Why not take a trip to the 80s? Today, vintage looks are in trend. Even when you scroll through the gram, you will see several influencers going back and flaunting their exclusive vintage collection. If you are lucky to have your grandma’s clothing from her younger days, that’s great. Or you can simply choose a vintage-inspired blouse to pair with your mom jeans. This is definitely one of the easy mom jeans outfits. 

All Black Monochrome 

If you are confused and own black mom jeans, simply go all black. A black monochrome look is so in and can make you look super chic. Here, you can pair this look with black heels if it is your evening wear or go for wedges or sneakers for a day look. 

Mom Allen Jeans


A Plain White Tee 

You can never, and we mean, never go wrong with a plain white t-shirt with a pair of jeans. Even with mom jeans, your white t-shirt will look gorgeous. But remember, if the t-shirt fits you well, you tuck it in, but if it is a loose one, just tuck it in the back to give it a messy-yet-sexy look. 

Turtle Neck Anyone?

A turtle neck sweater or a top works well with mom jeans. You can also elevate this look and opt for a trench coat and a silky scarf to complete the look. Here, if you are wondering on wearing what shoes with mom jeans, go with boots. 

Crop it! 

It’s time to have fun with crop tops. You can go with funky prints or plain crop tops with buttons in the middle to accentuate the look. If you choose the former, sneakers are what you choose and with the latter, boots and heels make an excellent choice. This is also what to wear with ripped mom jeans. 

Mom Ridge Medium Dark Blue


A Sensual Set-up 

Want to awaken your inner feminine goddess? Well, here you can wear black mom jeans and pair them with a sexy bralette. The shoes that go with mom jeans here are heels. You can try this with white mom jeans if you need a day look! 

Boss Girl Look

If you plan to wear your mom jeans to work, it’s time to invoke the boss babe in you. Here, choose a plain t-shirt with your mom jeans and pair it with a blazer! For shoes, you can go for anything formal. 

Femininize it! 

If you plan to wear your mom jeans to a concert or some fun event, pair them with a body-con top. You can go for colors like black, navy blue, green, and more. 

Jackets and Shrugs

If you are in a hurry yet want to look your best, go for a simple top with your mom jeans and use quirky long shrugs or jackets to elevate the look. This is how to style mom jeans when you are in a hurry. 

Yes, To Boyfriend Shirts 

Boyfriend shirts and mom jeans are a match made in heaven. Here, go for the checkered ones. They make you look chic and playful. This is one of the cute mom jean outfits. You can also wear the shirt like a jacket and wear a t-shirt inside or tie it to your waist. 

Tanks Tops and Mom Jeans 

You are wanting to look fashionable and sexy, well, tank tops are what you need. Any color will go well with blue mom jeans and you can add a chunky belt to finish your look. 

Denim on Denim 

Denim on denim is a great look when done right. Here, you can go for the same color denim shirt as your mom jeans and pair it with white shoes. It makes you look effortlessly well put together. 

Go Off Shoulder 

Off-shoulder tops are great with mom jeans. It can be an excellent evening wear choice, keeping you super comfortable yet stylish. 

Brightness and Vibrance 

Loud, bold, bright colors go extremely well with plain blue mom jeans. It is also the perfect office attire. Especially if you have a desk job and are looking for a comfy pair of jeans, mom jeans have you sorted and bright-colored tops add elegance. 

Cozy Sweaters 

If you live in chilly areas, pair mom jeans with cute sweaters. You can go for lighter colors here, like sky blue or baby pink. It brings forth hints of innocence yet doesn’t diminish your elegance. They make perfect outfits for work or even a casual outing. If you are stepping out in the evening, opt for heels and add accessories. 

Mom Allen Gray

Leather Jacket and Combat Boots 

For this look, go with ripped mom jeans. They are not only super trendy but can make your outfit look edgy. Pair it with a white t-shirt, a black leather jacket, and combat boots. It gives you biker chick vibes and looks super stylish. 

Belt It Up 

If you have a pair of t-shirts that works well with your mom jeans, one way to go about it is to use a chunky statement belt. However, if you are going for a vibrant belt, you can also use the same eye shadow or eyeliner color to exude classy fashionista vibes. 

All-White Look 

Just like an all-black look, opt for an all-white one. Go for white jeans and a white shirt. However, opt for a pop of color when it comes to shoes. 
Mom Mercer White

Puffed Sleeves Are In 

Puffed sleeves are in, and they are so fashionable. They have a romantic notion attached to them and add a feminine touch. You can also go for oversized sleeves. Here, sandals or heels look good. 

Big White Shirt 

Now you know what shirt to wear with mom jeans. But one last thing you can do is pair your mom jeans with a big white shirt. You can tuck in one side of the shirt and let the other be or knot it in the middle. Simply pair the mom jeans with sandals and you are ready to go!

Shoes That Work Well With Mom Jeans

Now you know what tops to wear with mom jeans to look elegant and stylish. But what shoes to wear with mom jeans? Let’s find out! 

Casual Shoes 

The first one is a casual pair of shoes. It is great when you pair your mom jeans with t-shirts or casual shirts. It adds a playful quality and is also highly comfortable. 

Mom Oliver Dark Blue


When we say boots, we mean cowboy boots, combat boots, and high-heeled boots. These three work well with mom jeans. Cowboy boots can be worn when pairing your mom jeans with t-shirts and long trench coats. You can also add a scarf here. Combat boots on the other hand give you an edgy look, you can pair them with both t-shirts and shirts. Finally, high-heeled boots can be used when you pair the mom jeans with tank tops or bralettes. 


Casual sneakers are comfortable and go well with mom jeans. It also gives you comfort and can be worn to work. And if you are on the foot most of the time, pairing sneakers with mom jeans is a stylish yet wise choice. 


Sandles are perfect with mom jeans. They usually work when you have a pretty top on. They are best as an evening ensemble when you are going out for dinner or meeting your friends. 

Ballet Flats  

This one is a no-brainer because ballet flats are versatile and go well with almost anything and everything, and they look good and chic with mom jeans.
Mom Mercer White 

Fancy Heels 

If you are wearing mom jeans to a party or a stylish event, go with high sexy heels. They will accentuate your curves and the elevated height will give you all the confidence you need. 
Mom Oliver Dark Blue


If you go out in the daytime and feel that high heels are a little too much, you can opt for wedges to give you extra height. 

Mom jeans are super comfy yet so chic. That’s not all. Mom jeans are ideal for every occasion when styled right from parties to parent-teacher conferences. Now you know how to rock your pair of mom jeans and the best shoes to elevate your complete outfit. 

So, keep it super stylish! 



Can you wear ankle boots with mom jeans?

Yes, you can. In today’s day and age, there is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion and ankle boots can work really well with mom jeans. You can either use cowboy boots or combat boots for a stylish look. 

What do you pair with mom jeans?

Take a look at the above article which will bring you complete details on what tops and shoes work really well with mom jeans. 

Can you wear mom jeans with sandals?

Yes, you can wear mom jeans with sandals with white shirts or plain t-shirts or even matching blouses. Sandals add a wondrous femininity to these baggy jeans. 

What body type do mom jeans look good on?

Usually, mom jeans look extremely good on hourglass figures or pear-shaped women. In fact, even curvy women can choose mom jeans as they are smaller at the waist and let the pants take your natural shape. They don’t hug the places you don’t see and highlight your curves.

How do mom jeans hide belly fat?

Yes, since mom jeans are high-waisted, they can help you hide your belly fat. They also accentuate your waist and can look good on anyone and everyone.