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How to Wear Jeans to Work - 6 Best Outfit Ideas

A pair of jeans is something close to our hearts. It’s cozy and oh-so-comfortable. But when it comes to your workplace, you need to add a touch of formality to your attire and we dismiss our denim thinking they aren’t formal enough. But wait. What if you could wear jeans to work without compromising your professional look? Well, we are here to disclose everything you must know on how to dress up jeans for work.  

5 Tips For Wearing Jeans To Work

Today, we are here to tell you how to wear jeans to work. These tips make a vast difference and ensure you look uber-stylish yet professional. Below we bring you how to wear jeans to work and look professional.

1. Choose A Darker Shade For A Professional Look

When we think of jeans, it is usually a faded pair of blue jeans that’s been with you for a long time. But it is best to choose something darker with a stronger rinse when it comes to professional attire. When you go for a lighter rinse, it looks severely denim-ish, which is something we are trying to avoid here. And this casual tone won’t gel well in your workplace. A dark hue, such as navy blue or black, is always better. 

2. Top It Up With A Matching Blazer 

A good blazer is the epitome of professionalism! Go for a perfect-fit blazer that elevates your jeans and makes you look like a girl/boy boss. You don’t have to opt for boring blazers here. Today, the formal style has come a long way. Checkered or strip blazers look cool yet professional. But again, it depends on how much freedom your organization sanctions you in terms of your attire.

3. Opt For Trouser-Style Denims

It is best to go for trouser-style jeans. Ripped or distressed denim won’t do the job. Of course, if you work in a creative industry where fashion is appreciated, that’s something. Otherwise, keep it clean. 

4. Choose The Right Pair of Shoes

Next, pay attention to the kind of shoes you pair your jeans with. For jeans and outfits for work, the right shoes make a substantial difference. For men, formal black or brown shoes make a list. For women, structured pumps, professional wedges, or formal flats go well. 

5. Choose Well-Fitting Jeans

Your jeans must fit you well. It must not be too tight, too loose, short or too long. It must fit you perfectly and must have an appropriate hem. You don’t want to fold them as it can make your jeans look informal. 

6 Best Outfit Ideas for wearing Jeans to Work

Look at our super simple tips on how to wear your jeans to work. 

1. With Collared Shirts

How to wear jeans at work? Well, you will not go wrong with collared shirts. You can opt for simple, light colors, such as white, light blue, light pink, grey, and more. Here, your jeans must be dark. Make sure you tuck in your shirt and wear a formal belt. Opt for professional shoes, such as closed-toe wedges or simple high heels. If you are confused about the color of your shoes, you can go for black, brown, or nude. 

2. Blazers

Another simple tip to ensure you look your best yet professional in jeans is wearing a blazer. Here, you have room to experiment with. You can either opt for a collared shirt or even a crisp plain t-shirt. Now, go for a darker-colored blazer that suits the color of your jeans or you can go for the same color as your jeans. This is how to wear jeans to work. Keep accessories to the minimum, and finish it with nude formal shoes. You can also opt for a scarf here.

3. Layered Look

Layered looks are great and make you look super professional. But if your office has a strict dress code, you can skip this. Here, pair your jeans with a collared shirt and layer it with a cardigan or a sweatshirt. For shoes, you can opt for flats. Again, ensure all the colors go well with each other and don’t clash. 

4. A Formal Top

As a woman, you will find many formal tops in the market. You can easily pair it with your jeans to create an office look. But make sure the top is simple and not too dressy. Pair it with black, brown, or nude shoes and you are good to go. You can also choose silk blouses as they give you a hint of elegance. 

5. Checkered Shirts

If you are not a fan of plain light-colored shirts and looking to bring in an element of style, you can always opt for checkered shirts. They look good with jeans and when you match them with the right formal shoes, you are good to go. Here, ensure you tuck in your shirt and keep all accessories to a minimum. You can use a formal belt to finish the look. 

6. T-shirts

If t-shirts are something that you can wear in your office, go for light-colored plain t-shirts or polo t-shirts with your jeans. It is playful yet professional. Make sure your t-shirt is neither too tight nor too loose. You can pair your t-shirt with formal shrugs, jackets, or cardigans to add professionalism. 

Now you know exactly how to wear jeans to work. Our tips are super easy and can give you the desired professional look. Give it a try! 


How do you make jeans look dressy?

Pairing your jeans with the right top, shoes, and accessories is essential to make them look dressy. We bring you all the tips in the above article, right from helping you with the right jeans to what you can wear with it. 

How can I make my jeans look smarter at work?

You can implement the tips mentioned above to make your jeans smarter at work. For instance, choose dark jeans that almost resemble trousers and pair them with a crisp shirt. 

How do you wear business casual jeans?

To ensure you wear jeans as business casual, try the below tips;

  • Choose dark straight-cut jeans
  • Wear a collared shirt with it
  • Pair it with formal shoes 
  • You can also add a blazer when you are wearing jeans to work

Is it appropriate to wear jeans to work?

If your office has no strict work code, you can wear the right jeans to ensure they look professional. You can take a look at the above article for detailed tips. 

How do you not show belly fat in jeans?

To hide your belly fat in jeans, go for a high-waisted one. 

How do you not show your stomach in jeans?

Make sure you opt for the right tops, such as a collared shirt, especially when you have a jeans day at work and tuck it in to not show your stomach in jeans.