How to Find the Perfect Jeans that look best on Guys

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How to Find the Perfect Jeans that look best on Guys

How to Find the Perfect Jeans that look best on Guys

Jeans have this style thing down. We mean, they go with blazers and button-downs, tees, sweaters—they’re the holy grail of man’s wardrobe and take the work out of getting dressed. Whether you’re the king of laid-back style or Jeff’s Goldblum’s well-dressed doppelgänger, there’s a jean for you. But as you know, all jeans are not created equal. Let’s quickly break down how to find the best jeans for you.


You know what’s important about jeans that look great on men? Fit. Yeah, we said it again. We know jeans are the type of pieces most people like to just throw on and go. And yeah, they can be thrown on… once you find the pair that works best for you. So, let’s do this quickly, shall we?


The most common silhouettes are skinny, slim, regular, relaxed, and loose. But for all of our sakes, can we leave loose styles in the ’90s? So, here’s the CliffsNotes version, go for skinny, slim, or straight. They flatter everyone. Make sure they don’t bunch at the ankles (or visit a tailor, but we’ll get to that) and that they do fit snug around the waist. Pro tips: measure your inseam, it’ll make guys shopping a lot easier; added stretch never hurts, and buy jeans that fit a little snug at first. Jeans tend to stretch half a size after 10-20 wears. So, if you can slip two fingers down the back of the waistband, that’s probably your best fit.

Slim Mercer Straight Mosco Skinny Barclay



High-rise (above the belly button), mid-rise (a couple of fingers below the belly button), or low-rise (way below the belly button)—that’s all you need to know. But to keep it simple, go for a mid-rise. They don’t come up too high and cut off your torso and they’re not too low that you have to tug at them throughout the day. They also work great for tucking in shirts and are ideal when wearing soft knits. With a great mid-rise, you’ll crush your denim look every time.



Slim Mosco



Acid wash, stone wash, and vintage wash are all common, but at the crux of things is light, medium, or dark denim. Light denim tends to be more casual, so get it in a lightweight, comfortable denim that you can wear every day. Dark denim, while it can be worn casually, it’s a great alternative to slacks for more dressy looks. It also gives you a leaner look. And medium washes are just how they sound, it’s somewhere in the middle. Dress them up, dress them down. Overall, just take this note, the darker the denim the longer and leaner your legs will look.

Light Dark Medium

Slim Light Straight Crosby Slim Mosco



Nix your tailor and opt for jeans already in your perfect length. The key is to measure your inseam and shop accordingly. Simply, place a measuring tape from the highest part of your inner thigh and take the length down to your ankle (getting a pal to help can make it a bit easier). Mott & Bow jeans come in 30”, 32”, and 34” inseams, so you can get YOUR perfect fit, every single time.

If you still have questions, we get it. That’s why we’ve introduced our Home Try-On Program. It’s simple, buy your jeans and choose a second size for free. Try them both on and see which works best for you, then send us back the pair you don’t want for free. It’s our way to help you pick the best-fitting jeans for you.

Fit like it's Tailored to you


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