How to Style Skinny Jeans for Men: The Ultimate Guide and Essential Tips

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How to Style Skinny Jeans for Men: The Ultimate Guide and Essential Tips

Skinny jeans have long been considered a “wrong choice” when it comes to men's fashion. This perception is mostly due to them being treated as an ordinary style of jeans.

Either because of wearing accessories that don’t match up or choosing the wrong fit, there can be some crucial mistakes that make skinny jeans for men completely avoidable.

Nevertheless, when you wear the right pair, you understand why skinny jeans aren't merely a choice but can even become your new wardrobe staple.

For you to pick the style that suits you best and wear this popular fit with great sophistication, you can check out this Mott & Bow essential guide on how to style skinny jeans for men. 

Finding the Perfect Skinny Jeans

No two bodies are alike, and your proportions are an important factor when choosing the right pair of skinny jeans. You also have to consider sizing —specifically the inseam and waist— and the stretchiness of the denim. 


You can tell the inseam size is short when the jeans’ button is way below your navel and makes your torso look too long. If your jeans fold into large stacks, however, you’ll know they’re too big for you.

The versatility of skinny jeans allows you to wear a pair that's short enough to show your ankles without causing discomfort in the crotch area, or long enough to cuff the hem. If either of these styles is of your liking, remember to prioritize mobility and comfort, because if you feel overwhelmed with your pair of jeans, you won’t pull off any style.


On the other hand, choosing the right waist size is easier and quicker. If you can’t even pull up your skinny jeans past your calves and knees, you need to go up a size and stop when they sag at the top. They should sit fitted and comfortably around your waist or upper hip.

Want to know your size? Just click on the “Find your size” link in any of our skinny jeans for men and get your perfect jeans measurements in less than a minute.


Jeans are made to be worn, not to remain stiff on the mannequin they’re on. To fulfill this, every pair of jeans needs stretch, especially skinny jeans.

At Mott & Bow we have developed 3 signature stretch technologies to provide the appropriate amount of stretch for every pair and type of jeans you wear: 

Our signature stretch factors: Comfort (low), Dynamic (high), and 4-Way Stretch (ultra high)

Comfort Stretch 

With a stretch factor of 5-25%, this tech is designed for our mid and heavyweight jeans. Comfort Stretch allows this kind of denim to move with you and keep their elegance untouched. Our skinny Barclay jeans, a medium-heavy pair, are a great choice for black jeans that work amazingly well in the colder seasons. Our skinny Oliver jeans are also on the heavier side and still feel great thanks to our stretch tech.

If you’re looking for something lightweight to wear during hotter temperatures, our skinny Mosco jeans, one of our first products and a crowd favorite, work amazingly well.

Dynamic Stretch 

This stretch tech merges comfort, style, and durability to make all your Mott & Bow jeans twice as stretchy as your old, traditional ones. Pairs like our skinny Staple jeans and our iconic skinny Wooster jeans boast outstanding stretch factors between 26-35%. Pure comfort and style.

4-Way Stretch

We consider this stretch our “Active stretch”, which empowers flexibility. It creates a better range of motion for active people who require both form and function simultaneously in their daily wardrobe. Typically jeans come with a stretch component that only expands horizontally. What makes this tech unique is that it makes our Broome jeans stretch vertically and horizontally.

Essential Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Men

Thanks to the remarkable versatility of skinny jeans, they effortlessly adapt to various occasions and complement your body type and outfit style in unique ways.

Skinny Jeans With A Tee 

A classic, timeless, and effortless outfit that will always stay in style and suit everyone. The only rule with this outfit is to watch for contrast and fit, with the only exception being black tees and black jeans. And talking of the boldest color, take a look at our forever black skinny Jay jeans.

If you’re looking for a premium tee that broadens your shoulders, makes your biceps look bigger, and fits perfectly around your belly, grab your favorite color from our best-selling tee collection. Pair this outfit with white sneakers and you’ve got a bulletproof look on your legs.

A basic fall outfit: our skinny black Jay jeans paired with our crew neck Driggs white tee

Skinny Jeans With A Collared Shirt 

Wearing a collared shirt with skinny jeans can make your outfit more sophisticated for a casual scenario, especially thanks to layering options: whether it's a single layer like a denim shirt or adding a flannel shirt over a tee. Our crowd-favorite skinny Mercer jeans will instantly elevate any outfit you style.

Your footwear choices are just as rich, from sneakers to leather boots or lace-ups. Remember, to maintain a stylish look, ensure your skinny jeans differ in color from your top.

An elevated semiformal outfit: our khaki skinny Mercer jeans for men paired with a collared white shirt

Skinny Jeans With A Sweater

The best friends on this list. Amazingly versatile, you can go for a casual look with an oversized sweater and sneakers for that fancy street look, or pick up a pair of boots and a fitter sweater to strike that business casual look. For an office setting, our 100% cashmere sweaters are a must: soft, breathable, and elegant.

Remember that a darker shade in any garment transmits a more serious and professional vibe, so if you’re looking for something in this tone, go for our iconic gray skinny Stone jeans.

A comfy and cozy outfit: our gray skinny Stone jeans with our crew neck cashmere Bergen sweater

Skinny Jeans With A Blazer  

The reliable business outfit. Straight and slim jeans are just too casual to wear a blazer on top, making skinny jeans the perfect pants to wear. Similarly, a darker tone works better for a more formal scenario, making our skinny Wooster jeans a great choice.

The only rule you must consider to pull off this outfit is to wear brown lace-ups or loafers —when wearing blue-toned skinny jeans. If you go for a black pair, wearing black footwear also works.

Skinny Jeans With A Jacket

Skinny jeans can easily team up with any jacket style—it's all about your personal vibe. These days, you'll often see people wearing skinny jeans with bomber, leather, denim, field, or outerwear jackets. Whatever you pick, remember to mix up the jacket color with your jeans; they're both statement pieces that shouldn't blend into one another. If you're aiming to create a stylish contrast between your dark-toned jacket and a lighter shade of blue, our skinny Benson jeans are your best option.

PS: toss on a tee underneath, tuck it in, and you've got a killer outfit that screams classic style.

So there you have it, the ultimate guide to style skinny jeans for men. By now, you know that choosing the right pair is all about understanding your body's unique proportions and the importance of inseam, waist size, and stretchiness.

Remember, skinny jeans can be your fashion ally when you wear them with confidence. Whether it's a classic tee, a collared shirt, a cozy sweater, a sharp blazer, or your favorite jacket, there's a perfect outfit waiting to be created with your skinny jeans.

At Mott & Bow, we've got you covered with premium skinny jeans designed for comfort, style, and versatility. Explore our skinny jeans for men collection to find your ideal fit and elevate your everyday wardrobe.


Are skinny jeans still in style?

Absolutely! Skinny jeans for men are in style due to their amazing versatility to use with different outfits spanning every season of the year.

The most common misconceptions of this fit come from the lack of information on how to wear them. However, using the right sizes across your waist and inseam and the perfect amount of stretch will result in a style of jeans that can easily be your daily choice.

What do you pair with mom jeans?

Take a look at the above article which will bring you complete details on which tops and shoes work well with mom jeans.

How to choose the right stretch for my skinny jeans?

It depends on what you are looking for. At Mott & Bow we craft every pair of jeans with 3 different categories of stretch:

Comfort Stretch 

Designed for our mid and heavyweight jeans. This stretch technology allows these heavier kinds of denim to move with you and keep their elegance untouched.

Dynamic Stretch 

Merges comfort, style, and durability to make all your Mott & Bow jeans twice as stretchy as your old, traditional ones.

4-Way Stretch 

Our “Active stretch”. It empowers flexibility and creates a better range of motion for active people who require both form and function simultaneously in their daily wardrobe.

Where to find true to size skinny jeans?

Shop our skinny jeans for men collection, by clicking any pair of your liking you’ll find a “Find your size” step-by-step solution to find your measurements and pick the perfect size.