What Shoes to Wear with Flared Jeans? - A guide for Women

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What Shoes to Wear with Flared Jeans? - A guide for Women

 If something has made a grand comeback in the fashion world, that is undoubtedly flared jeans. From Sophie Turner to Selena Gomez, flared jeans have become a favorite for most celebrities. Noticing the craze, you decide to grab a pair of flared jeans and make your way to the mall. You excitedly picked black color flared jeans and even purchased a top to match them, and happily returned home. But, while trying the pieces before your mirror, you went crazy figuring out what shoes to pair them with. 

Understanding the haze, we have listed inme of the best shoes to wear with flare jeans in this article.   

Ankle Boots with Flare Jeans 

Nothing can beat the dapper combination of ankle boots with flare jeans. Already reminiscing the Marilyn Monroe and her charms? Ankle boots for flare jeans do give out a 1970s vibe for sure. However, remember to choose between square and almond toe boots and not high boots since they might coil at the knees offering a disarrayed look. Also, since flare jeans have wide bottoms, picking boots with heels gives your body a lengthened frame. 

Note: Looking for an absolute timeless outfit idea? Wear your white shirt, put on the trench coat, the flared jeans, and the ankle boot. 

Platforms with Flare Jeans and Bell Bottoms

Platform shoes cohere with every scene and outfit. Finding it hard to create a casual summer look? Pair your flared jeans with platform shoes. Wish to appear slim and taller on a coming photoshoot? Choose your platform shoes to pair with flared jeans. Since platform shoes come in diverse designs and an elevated height, it becomes effortless to wear them with myriad looks. You can choose a low platform to design a more feminine and dressier look. If you are confused about what colors to pick - beige, black, and white are always the safest ones.


Wedges with Flare Jeans

If comfort is your first choice, your shoe rack will be filled with wedges. Wedges are perfect for the summer months since they have openings both at the front and back. Another benefit of choosing wedges to pair with flare jeans is that you can either choose studded or animal print wedges to amp up the look or simply strapped ones for appearing casual. 

Note: Wedges might be a good choice for women who don’t like wearing heels since wedges without heels are found in plenty. 

Chunky Heels with Flare Jeans

The recent addition to what shoes to wear with flared jeans need to be chunky heels. These are quite in vogue because of their added comfort while walking. Chunky heels come in diverse designs, from pink-colored Lamoda heels printed with cute red heart shapes to an absolute white cover with grey heels. It is edgy, and because of its unique designs and elevated height, it pumps up your flared jeans look. 

Clogs with Flare Jeans and Bell Bottoms

What shoes to wear with flared jeans if you want something fun and comfy? The answer is clogs. Clogs shoes come in varieties like Swedish Hasbeens that offer a covered outer in solid or shiny colors, or Dr. Scholl’s clogs that provide extreme relaxation and an elegant look. In addition, Clogs will lend a complete retro look to your flared jeans. 

Note: Try and wear slight cropped flared jeans keeping the edges 2-3 inches off the ground. This will highlight the nailing details of the clogs and offer a classy look.

Flare Jeans with Flat Sandals

Though, the thought of pairing flats with flared jeans hardly enters the mind - it is actually not a bad idea. Try out your favorite flats with the black flared jeans you just got. Flared jeans would look classy enough with a gladiator sandal or a single-soled strappy one. For a more boho look, you can try out flats with ruffles. 

But one thing to note is that, avoid wearing flats with extra-wide bell bottoms as they might hang and get dirty since they will touch the ground.

Sneakers with Flares

What shoes to wear with flared jeans for ultimate comfort? Sneakers it is. Sneakers are comforting, providing a  sporty and classy look. Sneakers also come in different styles, from electrifying colors to chunky ones to vintage ones, it will all go perfectly with flared jeans. It is appropriate for both casual as well as dressy appearances. Since sneakers generally don’t have heels, keep the hemline of the jeans slightly above the ground to present the shoes. 

Note: Most of us undergo sweaty feet while wearing sneakers. To avoid that, invest in some moisture-wicking socks and foot powder. 

Birkenstocks with Flare Jeans

Trying to create a boho and laidback look? But wondering what kind of shoes to wear with flare jeans? It is undoubtedly Birkenstocks. These are Earthy sandals filled with lush comfort. Just pair a flowy blouse, take your fringe purse, and put on your favorite nude lipstick. Flared jeans already give a relaxing and vintage vibe, and a pair of Birkenstocks will undoubtedly provide an edge. 

Chunky Boots with Flare Jeans

If Nirvana is your go-to band, you must be in love with the grunge look. Chunky boots are excellent options to create a grunge look with your black flared jeans. You can choose between ankle or calf-length chunky boots and those with high-lug soles. Chunky boots are worth spending your money on. 

Pointed Toe Shoes with Flare Jeans

If dressy, feminine, sophisticated, and chic are your go-to style senses, pointed-toe shoes with heels are the most suitable option to pair with flared jeans. In addition, pointed-toe shoes with heels give a more detailed look since you will have an elevated height. 

While most shoes go perfectly well with flared jeans or bell bottoms, some must be avoided. For example, pointed shoes without heels and stilettos can make it pretty risky to walk with those wide-legged bottoms  - chances are high you might tumble and fall.  Therefore, trust the list of shoes we have provided and keep being the fashionista you are. 


What matches with flare jeans?

When it comes to flare jeans, some of the best go-to options are flowy blouses, blazers, crop tops, shirts, and so on. 

What shoes do you wear with wide flare jeans?

Some of the best pairs of shoes that match with flare jeans are ankle boots, chunky boots, sneakers, platforms, wedges, and more.

Can you wear flares with sneakers?

Yes, flares and sneakers are a great combination for a sporty look.

What shoes do not go well with flare jeans?

Stilettos and pointed shoes without heels are not suitable for flared jeans.