1. Comfort + Stretch

We agree with everyone that jeans are always the go-to pant; but that doesn't mean they need to be stiff. At Mott & Bow we design denim that puts comfort first by incorporating unique amounts of stretch depending on which pair your choose.


2. Craftsmanship

For us, it's more than just a product, it's our history.

Having grown up within a family who began a denim manufacturing facility in Honduras, our founder is obsessed with mastering this staple.

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3. Fair Value

All special treatments and finishes are done in-house (at our family-owned facilities) and our denim is then shipped directly-to-consumer which ultimately avoids retail markups and saves the customers money.

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4. The Press Agrees

The lists of publications in support of our pursuit of high-quality, fairly priced denim keeps growing. If you don't believe your friends, take a read for yourself or check out some of our customer videos on YouTube.

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5. Wide Selection Same Comfort

The term "start-up" can be deceiving. We're a lot larger than the phrase leads consumers to believe. We carry a large selection of denim pieces (men's and women's) and continue to design new product. All featuring our beloved comfort.

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6. Timeless Style

Without a doubt, denim is forever. Ever-cool, ever-in-trend, and just damn timeless. We pride ourself and simple, perfected styles that won't ever become outdated.

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