What to Wear With Black Jeans: 14 Chic Ideas for Women

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What to Wear With Black Jeans: 14 Chic Ideas for Women

A pair of black denim is perhaps the most versatile piece of outfit in your wardrobe. You can style it up in ‘n’ number of ways and set new trends. And the best part is the sturdiness of the denim fabric, which won’t shred an inch after regular wear. For all these reasons, if you’re ready to steal the spotlight and wondering what to wear with black jeans, here you go! We’re about to give you some fabulous tips to rock your black denim in the best possible ways.


1. Black Jeans With A White T-Shirt And A Black Leather Jacket

Sporting your favorite black jeans with a simple white tee and a black leather jacket will be an elegant choice for any occasion. That’s because of the evergreen combo of black and white. You can tuck in the tee to elevate the look further.

To accessorize the look, a sling bag, a pair of sunglasses, and a sleek pendant are some excellent options. And when it comes to the choice of shoes, you can go for a white sneaker or a black stiletto, depending on the occasion and your mood. A beige-colored flat sandal can also pair well with this look if you want to keep it simple.

2. Black Jeans With Shades Of Brown For An Unexpected Fashion Moment

Though black and brown is quite a rare combination, it can bring about the wildly chic diva in you. So, we suggest a brown-shaded body-hugging top or a leopard-printed shirt with your black skinny jeans. A touch of gold is a must for this look, anywhere from your belt to your earrings, shoes, or bag.

When choosing footwear, you can opt for a pair of pointed-toe heels in beige, brown, or black. In addition, black sunglasses and a sling bag can amp up your style further, making you look no less than a trend-spotter.

3. Black Jeans With A Sweatshirt For A More Casual Look

There are days when you feel like slipping into your most comfy outfits, and a sweatshirt paired with your black jeans sounds perfect. An oversized hoodie will be the best option if you own low-waisted skinny jeans. Or, for high-waisted jeans, a cropped pullover will add proportions to your silhouette. Since black is such a versatile color, all shades of the sweatshirt will go with it.

And to accessorize the look, you can wear a white sneaker or strappy heels with no jewelry. A backpack will look fantastic with your sneakers, while a tote bag will complement the heels.

4. Black Jeans With Black And White Stripes

Stripes are always unique as they can instantly grab everyone’s attention. And when paired with your black denim, it can create magic. A black and white shirt with regular or slim-fit black denim will be the ideal choice on formal or semi-formal occasions. And to look casual, you can pick a black and white striped t-shirt with your black jeans.

Going for horizontal or vertical stripes depends on your body type. Horizontal stripes usually make people look wider, but thin black horizontal stripes can make you look slimmer, just like vertical stripes. With this look, the accessories should be neutral.

5. Animal Print Adds An Edgy Twist To Otherwise Simple Black Jeans

Animal prints are royal and powerful. If you happen to like them, all you need to style them up is a pair of ripped black jeans. You can choose an animal-printed shirt and add minimal accessories like a gold chain, pendant, or bracelet to step out for a night out with your bae.

Black heels or flat sandals and a black or beige handbag will perfectly match the look. If you’re heading out for a special event like a concert or party, a pair of statement boots will be a perfect choice.

6. Black Jeans With Cream And White

Creating contrast with your ensemble is always fun. And to ace it, you can try pairing your black jeans with a cream t-shirt. In winter, a hoodie or a sweatshirt in neutral shades of cream will go perfectly with your black jeans. But, ensure you don’t represent the stereotypical black and white. And to avoid it, you need to break the contrast with a green or beige handbag and a pair of beige shoes. Or, a black handbag with a gold chain strap can be an ideal option to look your best.

7. Black With Beige And Taupe Shades

Beige and taupe are gentle or natural shades that can make anyone look graceful and feminine. If you have a beige jacket or long coat in your wardrobe, pairing it with a white tee and black jeans will prepare you for casual outings. In this look, the white top inside your outer layer is essential as it creates a natural base.

You can sport a pair of beige sandals or boots to keep the look simple. A white or beige handbag and a pair of black sunglasses will give a classy touch to your overall look.

8. Black Jeans With Brown And Dark Camel

Brown and dark camel are earthy shades that are associated with resilience. You can pair your black jeans with these shades to look chic and classy simultaneously. You can choose any of your casual outfits in these shades, like a tee shirt or a jacket, and pair them with your black denim.

And to amp up the look, white or beige sneakers and a brown handbag will be perfect options. You can also choose an anchor piece that combines black and brown together. It can be a scarf or a hair band that goes with your outfit.

9. Black Jeans With Gray Shades

Gray is another neutral shade that can go with almost every other shade. It's an all-season color; hence, you can pick a t-shirt in gray or a gray blazer and pair it with your denim. In winter, you can wear a gray muffler with your black denim, which will look equally elegant.

And when it comes to your footwear, white, beige, and black are some ideal choices. A white handbag is a must, as that will complete the entire look. A pair of black glasses will be the best pick for a geek look.

10. Black Jeans In An All-Black Look

An all-black look has often been associated with grunge or dark vibes. But, it can also make you look feminine if you want to keep the style subtle. Pairing your black jeans with a black t-shirt, a black bomber jacket, or a long black coat, depending on the weather, is what an all-black look is about.

And to perfectly match your style, a black handbag, a pair of black boots, and a pair of sunglasses are ideal options. If you want to flaunt your style further, a black cowboy hat and a wristwatch are all you need. But, you must avoid over-accessorizing if you want to keep it stylish.

11. Black Jeans With Pattern Or A Pop Of Color

So far, we’ve described how well neutral shades go with black. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pair your black jeans women outfit with pop and vibrant hues. And the trick to do it is by keeping the base black. A t-shirt with pop shades on a black base can be a perfect outfit with your black denim for musical gigs or concerts.

And to amp up the look, a pair of black boots, a black choker, black nail colors, and gothic eye makeup will be perfect. In winter, you can add layers by pairing your black t-shirt and denim with a colorful overcoat. I bet, this just reminded you of Avril Lavigne. Isn’t it!?!

12. Consider Neon With Black Jeans

Neon lovers can’t think of neutral shades much as they love the liveliness of these particular shades. And if you happen to be a neon lover, pairing your black jeans with neon t-shirts, shirts or hoodies will be a perfect idea.

With this look, you can pick a neon handbag or a black one depending on the shades you have in your collection. The same goes for your shoes. If you want to add more layers to your look, a black jacket on top of a neon body-hugging top and black denim will be an ideal option.

13. Black Jeans With A Flirty Top

Every wardrobe has a delicate flirty top with a beautiful cut and many flairs. These tops usually come in solid colors or with polka dots and floral motifs that look feminine and bold. In case your wardrobe doesn’t have one, it’s time for an upgrade. That’s because your black jeans can look amazing with such a top when you’re dressing up for a date or a cruise party. With this ensemble, a golden or silver pendant and a pair of black heels will make you look no less than a diva.

14. Go For Black Cargo-Style Jeans And A Crop Top

Cargo pants are very much in vogue, and if you own black cargo-style jeans, it’s time to make the most of them. You can pair your black cargo-style jeans with a crop top of any shade to look different from the crowd. We suggest a white crop top, but you can go for any color. A pair of black sneakers and a backpack will complement it perfectly.

What Shoes to Wear with Black Jeans?

If you’re still wondering what shoes to wear with black jeans, let us tell you that all types of shoes will do. It’s all about the rest of your outfits and your comfort level. For example, if you’re most comfortable in your soft sneakers, you can make them your staple footwear with your black jeans on all occasions. Or, if you prefer stylish heels, you can choose the one that suits your preferences.


Black denim is an eternal piece of outfit that’ll never go out of fashion. And so, if you’re thinking about what to wear with black jeans, here are some great options. Try all of them, and we’re sure you’ll be spelling fashion every time.


1. What top should I wear with black jeans?

You can wear tops in neutral colors such as white, cream, beige, grey or black with black jeans. You can also try animal prints and pop colors to experiment with the look.

2. Can you wear black jeans in summer?

Yes, of course! Black jeans in summer can be paired with neutral shaded tops. If you have distressed black jeans, it’ll further enhance your summer look.

3. Do black jeans go with everything?

Black jeans are so versatile that it goes with almost everything. Hence, you can style them up however you want.