8 Ways to Stretch Out Jeans

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8 Ways to Stretch Out Jeans

Jeans are perhaps the staple of most wardrobes. Despite this, getting a perfectly fitted pair of jeans seems like a far-fetched dream. Instead, you end up getting one that is either too tight or too loose.  

Moreover, the jeans also tend to shrink with regular wash and use. It typically shrinks quite a bit after the first wash and then continues to shrink after every wash and wear. Hence, your perfect-fit jeans can also become tight after regular use.  

While a quick run through a hot dryer can make your jeans shrink one size smaller, stretching it out for a perfect fit is far trickier and more daunting. As a result, you end up dumping the shrunk jeans for a new pair, regardless of how expensive they were.  

Luckily, we have a few handfuls of tricks that tell you how to stretch out jeans to give you a perfect fit once again. You will no longer have to wonder how to make jeans bigger.


1. Wet & Stretch

Sometimes, just one area of the jeans is tight, and you wonder how to stretch out jean's waist, thighs, crotch of jeans, etc. Try this hack to solve the dilemma.


Spread an old towel or a garbage bag on a flat surface to prevent any dye stains from staining the surface.


Lay the jeans flat on it.


Fill a spray bottle with lukewarm water and wet the jeans throughout, including the back and front, by spraying the water.


Now tug the area you want to stretch with both your hands. Alternately, you can hold one end of it with one hand and pull the other side with your other hand. If the material is not stretching, you can spray more water to soften it up.


Finally, air-dry the jeans. Do not dry it in the dryer as it would again shrink. 

2. Wet And Wear

Here, you wet the jeans using the same method as before and then wear them to mold your body perfectly. It might feel uncomfortable, but it is one of the best ways to stretch tight jeans.  


Once worn, do a little movement for about five minutes, like walking, stretching, bending, sitting, etc. It will help loosen the jeans.


Now take it out and again air dry. Your jeans now have that extra wiggle room.  

3. Heat & Stretch

Follow these steps:


Lay down the jeans as before and apply heat with a hair dryer or an iron instead of wetting them. Remember to hold the dryer six inches away from the jeans. Focus the heat on the area you want to stretch. Remember not to use the clothes dryer.  


Once the area is toasted, tug the area well with both hands. You can also put your hands and arms inside the jeans and tug well. You can even wear it and move around as you would do with wet jeans.  

4. Do Squats

Try wearing your jeans and squatting. It would not only stretch your jeans but also take care of your workout. 

5. Take a Bath with Jeans On

Follow these steps:


Here, you wear the jeans and sit in a lukewarm bathtub for about 10 minutes.


Next, come out and move around as much as possible.


After wearing the wet jeans for about 30 minutes, take them out and air dry.  

How to Stretch Out Jeans Waist

Sometimes, the jeans are too tight around the waist. If you need to stretch the waist, try the following hacks.  

6. Use a Waistband Stretcher

These only stretch the waistband and leave the other parts unaffected. You first need to dampen the waistband and then place the waistband stretcher inside the pants and on the waistband. 

Leave it overnight and remove the waistband in the morning. Then, you would be all sorted. Of course, you can also use a pant extender instead if you desire.  

7. Use a Wooden Hanger

A wooden hanger works precisely like a waistband extender. Here you merely pull your damp jeans by the waist over both ends of the wooden hanger and let it hang overnight. Again, you would get the same results.  

8. Remove the Waistband

If you are looking for better ways on how to stretch out skinny jeans, try this method. It is an advanced and permanent method that requires sewing skills, or you might need to go to a seamstress. For it: 

  • Measure the exact inches you need to add and get the same-sized scrap of denim or other fabric from a fabric store or your scrap box.  
  • Cut the side seams of the jeans for about two to four inches on both sides. Next, cut near the same area on the waistband and align it with the seam rip.  
  • Cut the exact size of the fabric scrap and pin it into place. 
  • Sew the fabric to fill the gap. It would look like a triangle and an extended waist.  
  • Now fold the new fabric in half to match the waistband to the tee.  
  • Iron the new fabric flat such that it aligns with the old jeans. 
  • Finish the procedure by topstitching the band closed.  

How to Stretch Cotton Jeans?

Wetting the jeans and stretching them entirely, or the tight parts is one of the best ways to stretch cotton jeans. You can wet and tug the tight part or simply wear the wet jeans and move around or squat to get the perfect fit.  


Jeans size is quite erratic, and sticking to a set jean size is always daunting. We hope that our shared hacks will make it easy for you to wear your jeans for much longer and enjoy their perfect fit.


1. Can tight jeans be stretched? 

While it depends on the fabric, most jeans can be stretched from an inch to one and a half inches from almost every part. Beyond that, you might need a new pair of jeans.

2. Can you stretch jeans permanently? 

Regular wear and machine wash will naturally shrink the jeans, and the hacks described can stretch them back to the required size. Hence, the stretch is not permanent, and you would need to repeat the process from time to time.  

3. Can you make the jeans bigger? 

You can stretch and make the jeans bigger by about one to one and a half inches all over. You can also make the waist bigger by sewing additional fabric scrap to them. 

4. Are jeans supposed to be tight at first? 

When you buy jeans, they should not be so tight that it feels constricting. Likewise, it should not be too loose. It should fit comfortably such that you do not need a belt. Usually, it should be two fingers loose at the waist. 

5. Is it better to size up or down in jeans? 

While jeans do stretch, it is not a good idea to buy one size smaller. For denim and mixed fabrics, it is best to buy a size bigger.

6. How do you break in new jeans? 

The best way to break in a new pair of jeans is first to soak them in cold water and let them air dry till it is damp but not completely dry. Wear it and then move around in it for the day to make it beautifully conform to your body.