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Fall 2024 Outfit Essentials for Men and Women

As autumn brings in its crisp temperature, it opens up a world of versatility in your daily outfits. Nature's changing hues range from dark green to light brown, and the cooler days allow you to wear long-sleeves, blazers, sweaters, and heavyweight jeans, all of them in a stylish palette that creates powerful statements through confident looks.

Whatever you decide to wear this season, we want to share with you the best colors for fall 2024, as well as the essentials for this autumn and how to style them. Just a heads up: it’s all amazing.

What are the colors for fall 2024 

Let’s start with the basics: what are the colors for fall? The first that come to mind are those that match our surroundings: red, orange, brown, green, and yellow. However, the colors for fall 2024 also include some that might not match the trees and falling leaves, but definitely offer elevated options to create essential outfits for fall. Ready? 

Light blue

Reminiscent of clear autumn skies, light blue brings a sense of tranquility to your wardrobe. Its jewel-tone and metallic shade seem taken out of the vault of heaven, and are just fantastic to bring the sky style to land.


A mysterious gray, this color lends itself to versatile styling, from cozy evenings to professional settings. The paler version of black, it makes for a great companion during seasonal changes, as it strikes elegance and boldness, while balancing your looks with calmness and a hint of peculiarity that only this shade can give.


Timeless and sophisticated, beige captures nature's embrace, evoking the warmth of fallen leaves and earthy tones. A natural go-to for the colder seasons, it transmits an elevated style that remains a staple for a reason: the possibilities are endless when it comes to combining this color, so take advantage of that to showcase your best looks.


As the days grow shorter and the leaves begin to rustle, pink is your companion in navigating the shift from one chapter to the next. With its delicate balance between the vibrancy of summer and the coziness of fall, this hue paints a picture of beauty in transition.


A regal and sumptuous color, it emerges as a standout hue in fall 2024's palette. With its deep and luxurious undertones, purple brings a touch of opulence to your wardrobe, allowing you to infuse your ensembles with an air of richness and elegance.

What are the essentials for fall? 

Because the temperature is neither too cold nor too hot, you’ll want to wear something that lets your body breathe while keeping it cozy. Read on for some essentials for fall that do exactly that. 

Long-sleeved tees

Long-sleeved tees are super versatile, as they can be worn by themselves or layered. Our long-sleeved tees for men come in black, white, navy, dark gray and heather gray, which make for an amazing choice for autumn.

A gray long sleeve tee for men

And our long-sleeved tees for women are just the most flattering tees you can find. Available in black, white, and fall-favorites crimson and heather gray, they come in crew and v-necks, and they hug your body the right way, which make them perfect for everyday wear.

A red long sleeve tee for women

Blazers, statement jackets and coats

The essentials for fall include these garments because you can layer them if it’s cold, and easily take them off if temperatures rise. A timeless denim jacket is also a good option for this season.


Sweaters are an absolute must-have for fall. We suggest grabbing one of our cashmere sweaters while stocks last: they boast unmatched elegance in a luxurious fit, and are irresistibly soft to the touch.

Lightweight so you never feel suffocated, and strong enough to keep the cold temperatures from bothering you, this essential sweater for fall comes in 5 fabuluxe styles for women, and in the classic crew or v-neck for men.

A white cashmere sweater for women

A black cashmere sweater for men


When it comes to jeans, go for mid to heavyweight denim: besides keeping you warm during windy days, they will also make your looks bolder.

If you’re looking for a classic pair of blue jeans for men, you can check our Crosby jeans. If you prefer black denim, definitely grab a pair of our Barclay jeans. You can find these essential jeans for fall in straight, slim, and skinny fits, so make sure you pick your favorite.

A pair of dark blue slim jeans for men

A pair of black skinny jeans for men

For women looking for jeans that are not only heavyweight but also comfortable, supremely soft, and extra flattering, we recommend our mid-rise skinny Jane or our slim boyfriend Ridge jeans. If you prefer something high-waisted, definitely check out our mom Allen and our high-rise skinny Bond jeans.

A pair of mid-rise skinny jeans for women

A pair of slim boyfriend jeans for women


Everyday and everywhere, our Chinos are perfect to wear: elegant, stretchy, and comfortable, they’re essential for fall and every other season.

They come in 6 different business casual colors and boast a slim fit, so you can easily wear them to a more formal occasion with confidence that you’ll look your best.

If you want these pants in a color that goes well with everything in your wardrobe, choose our all-time favorite: the khaki Chinos. If khaki isn’t your hue, don’t be afraid to grab a green or light gray pair for a bolder and seasonal look.

A pair of green chinos for men

A pair of light gray chinos for men

Leather skirts and leggings

This pairing feels edgy and sexy at the same time. An essential fall outfit, the leather skirt combined with a dark pair of leggings shows off a classic and feminine vibe that is sure to draw compliments non-stop. This outfit begs for boots or booties.


Boots and booties are essential for fall, especially if they are black or brown, as you can pair them with almost everything. If you’re not a bootlover, a vintage pair of sneakers will do. You can go for a white pair and strike a more casual and trendy look.

How to style fall colors and essentials? 

For Men

Pair our heather gray long-sleeve tee with our Barclay black jeans. Add your white vintage sneakers and you’re all set. If it’s chilly, you can layer with a denim jacket.

Man wearing a gray long sleeve tee and skinny black jeans

If you’re looking for something a bit more formal, our black cashmere sweater with a light gray pair of our Chinos is pure elegance. A brown pair of boots and a coat will make this fall outfit unbeatable.

Man wearing a black cashmere sweater and light gray Chino pants

For women

A nice pair of jeans to wear when temperatures start to drop are our washed black Mom jeans, as you can pair them with your favorite brown boots. Our cream cashmere sweater and a statement coat on top make this fall outfit outstanding.

Woman wearing a white cashmere sweater and black jeans

For a more casual scenario, our light blue slim boyfriend Ridge jeans paired with our heather gray long-sleeve tee go perfectly. Slip on your light colored vintage sneakers and you’ll be ready to go.

Woman wearing a gray long sleeve tee and blue jeans

The colors of fall 2024 offer an opportunity to express your unique style while embracing the spirit of the season. Incorporate these captivating hues into your wardrobe, experiment with layering, and mix and match for a stylish and cozy fall transition. We hope to have helped you get those elevated looks you want with these fall outfit ideas for 2024, and if you’re ready to renew your wardrobe, you can always take a look at our jeans, tees, and sweaters to elevate your style.


When should I start wearing my fall wardrobe?

When it starts to get chilly and wearing short sleeved tees isn’t an option, you’ll know it’s time to bring out your long-sleeved tees, or to layer your short sleeved ones with a sweater. You’ll also start to notice the changing colors of nature: once trees start shedding their leaves, it'll become evident that fall is making its appearance!

When should I start taking my fall wardrobe out of storage?

One or two weeks before the start of fall (September 21st) is a great time to take out your fall wardrobe. This will give you ample time to make sure your clothing is still in good shape, and to wash whatever needs to be washed. You’ll also notice if there are any specific pieces you need to buy: whether you’re missing a cozy coat, a fall-appropriate pair of jeans, or something else that you would like to wear during the season, you’ll have time to try out different styles and colors and get your favorite.

What is a must have for fall?

  • Tops: long-sleeved tees and sweaters like the cashmere ones we carry are an absolute must-have for fall. We also recommend blazers, statement jackets, denim jackets and coats.
  • Pants: mid to heavyweight jeans are essential for autumn. Additionally, more formal pants like our Everyday and Everywhere Chinos are a great option for men. Women can opt for leather skirts and cozy leggings.
  • Footwear: boots, booties and a vintage pair of sneakers.