Good news from Mott & Bow – if in between two sizes, you can size down.

Trying on new jeans, for many of us, has been a sad, painful process. The endeavor is most accurately compared to having a cavity filled or showing up for jury duty; necessary, but highly undesirable. It’s not fun to get undressed under florescent department store lighting, after unloading a pile of denim on the floor to take on and off until you’re vaguely satisfied or give up and go home.

It’s because of this grueling, vulnerably lit ritual that many of us don’t want to attempt to try the smaller, tighter size jean and go with the sure thing.

Most jeans will naturally give about half a size through wear. Our jeans are particularly well performing, by having the right amount of give, while retaining shape and fit. If you can comfortably zip into a smaller size and easily move in the jeans, that’s likely the pair for you. When unsure between two jean sizes, going with the smaller size will result in a better fit that lasts all day.

This high quality cotton not only looks better; it also performs better.

While men’s jeans naturally have a more relaxed, comfortable fit (even in our skinny styles); you should still always go for the smaller waist when between two. Don’t get scared off by a bit of snugness at the waist, the waist band will naturally loosen. The stretch in our women’s jeans creates a flattering tightness and compression, but with breathability for comfort. A little shimmying required to get into our women’s styles, might mean it’s the right size for you.

If there’s any doubt, get two sizes to try and only pay for one with our Home Try-On Program. We guarantee it will make for a much more pleasant shopping experience than any dressing room.

Congratulations! By just reading this post, you might have dropped a jean size.