Introducing next-level comfort

Dynamic Stretch provides unmatched comfort and flexibility in denim. Available in two washes, these premium jeans are equally perfect for active wear and lounging. You’ll feel the difference when you put them on, and you won't want to take them off.

Double the stretch of our standard stretch jeans, this high quality blend of cotton, polyester, & elastane creates a special formulation for 35% stretch denim.
FYI that’s a sh*t-ton of stretchability.

Have no doubts. Incredible recovery is a special component of our Dynamic Stretch. These jeans stretch, but they won’t stretch-out or sag. They’ll provide you the comfort and flexibility you desire, but maintain their form through-out use.

The Science of the stretch

Mastering elasticity is key to the comfort, feel, and functionality of premium denim. By weaving the
cotton around the elastane and polyester, we’re able to preserve the inherent durable nature typical of jeans,
while simultaneously providing the performance, comfort and superior stretch of the fabrics inside of it.

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