Investing in a pair of jeans from a brand you’ve never tried before can seem risky. It’s the reason why many of us stick to the same brands we’ve worn for years. This usually means either overpaying for a ubiquitous designer label, or sacrificing a style upgrade by buying the cheaper, no frills model.

The decision to switch to Mott & Bow jeans is made simple. We offer the best, premium denim for an unprecedented price with an anxiety-free shopping experience. Our customers become loyalists once they experience our jeans - see what they have to say.

We broke down the reasons our customers love Mott & Bow and why you should switch to our jeans, too...

1. Home Try-on Program: Online shopping can be costly when you’re unsure of your size. We eliminate the need to add a second size on your credit card with our free home try-on program. You get a second waist size with your order for free, try-on, then send the unfit size back with a prepaid preprinted return label. Truly anxiety-free e-commerce.

2. Fit & Comfort: Our jeans are made by artisans who have been with our family-owned facilities for decades, ensuring solid construction, and our fits are exactly the modern classics you want. Our premium denim has the perfect amount of stretch for freedom of movement and extreme comfort.

3. Price: We can offer you premium denim at a fair price ($96-$128) because we make the jeans in-house, then offer direct to consumer. This way we avoid the usual department store markups that make comparable jeans overpriced. 

4. Fabric Quality: We promise you the top denim from the best mills in the world. We proudly source our denim from Orta Anadolu in Turkey and Candiani in Italy. This top quality denim is the foundation to our good-looking and remarkably comfortable jeans.

5. Timeless Style: Like you, we’re not sold on trends quickly. Our men’s jeans in skinny, slim and straight are classic and cool. Our women’s jeans in mid-rise skinny, high-rise skinny and boyfriend are always in and incredibly flattering. These are jeans you’ll wear for years.

6. With Our Family-Owned Business – You Matter: We care about our customers and are always here to help you have the best experience possible. We listen to your feedback and will always stay true to our original mission to offer premium, good-looking products for a fair price.