5 Reasons Why These Are The Ultimate Anti Flat-Butt Jeans

Discover how thousands of guys with different builds transformed their looks and confidence.

1. Anti flatt-butt technology

Our jeans contour, lift and sculpt your butt, making it appear rounder and fuller. Just be warned: they may provoke unsolicited female stares and unwarranted butt-grabs!

2. True American style -
no awkward crotch bulge

Crafted with the highest quality materials and the most breathable and lightweight fabrics, our jeans offer a timeless look that is both classic and contemporary.

3. Stop paying $200
for premium denim

Your days of breaking the bank for a pair of jeans are over. Why overpay when our denim boasts premium quality, impeccable craftsmanship, and is made from the same fabric other brands sell for up to 3x more?

4. You'll actually want to wear them - even on an airplane

Our signature Dynamic Stretch and 4-Way Stretch tecnologies make these the most comfortable jeans you'll ever own. We've had clients tell us they've even taken naps in them!

5. Age-appropriate

This is the denim your age is asking for. Stop struggling to be yourself while dressing your age—these jeans are the safest bet for any outfit.


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Slim Mercer Jeans