What are Twill Pants and How to Style Them

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What are Twill Pants and How to Style Them

As we enter the warmer months, jeans can sometimes feel hot. Especially if you have to partake in various outdoor events, the right pants make all the difference. And this is where twill pants make an entrance. Twill pants are essentially ‘smart casuals,’ available in various colors and perfect for office wear. But, what are twill pants? How can you pair them to ensure you look your best? All this and more coming up ahead. Keep reading!  

What are twill pants?

What is twill pants meaning? Twill refers to the fabric these pants are made of. While denim and chinos can also be categorized as twill pants, there is a difference. So, if you are wondering are twill pants considered jeans? The answer is no. The way their threads are weaved and dyed differs. 

Twill fabrics are curated using multiple vertical warp threads over multiple horizontal weft threads. This helps create a diagonal pattern, giving it a unique look. These pants are durable and retain their shape better. Therefore, they are not prone to wrinkling. 

Twill Pants vs Chinos

There are chances that twill pants and chinos may confuse you. But there is a difference when it comes to chino vs twill. Chinos are more formal than twill pants and hold a slight elegance which is apt for formal events and workplaces. While twill pants come in the same colors as chinos, they are more casual. 

Twill Pants vs Jeans

The construction and style of a twill vs denim hold a lot of similarities. But they look completely different. While the way the pockets are styled in both jeans and twill pants is the same, they look different due to the way the threads are dyed. Twill also features a diagonal rib, which is missing from denim. In denim, the warp and weft threads are dyed in different colors. 

How Should Twill Pants Fit?

Men’s twill pants should resemble trousers. That said, it all depends on your body type. If you are a broader man, go for the classic trouser cuts. But if you are skinnier, go for slim-fitting twill pants. 

Which Colors Should You Go For?

Twill pants offer you a variety of color options. But choosing the right one makes all the difference. 

Versatile Options 

If you want a pair of twill pants that gel well with any top, go for black, grey, brown, and tan colors. You can also use them as formal pants. 

All White 

If you are choosing white twill pants, it is best suited for a casual outing. You can pair it with both light and dark colors. 

Bold Colors and Pastels

You will also find twill pants in bold, bright colors like red. You can go for it as casual wear. For instance, you can pair it with a navy blue or white t-shirt and white sneakers. Even pastel colors like light blue or green are best suited for a casual outing.

How to Wear Twill Pants in Style

Below, we bring you all the tips on how to style your twill pants just right. 


If you plan to wear your twill pants to your office, pair them with blazers to give them a professional twist. Ensure all the colors are neutral and gel well together. For instance, if you opt for khaki twill pants, pair them with a white shirt and a navy blue blazer. For accessories, go for a brown belt and a watch, and finish this look with brown shoes. 

Plain T-shirt 

If you plan to wear your twill pants for a date or a casual outing with friends, pair them with a white or black t-shirt. For shoes, go for sneakers. You can also opt for a jacket or a loose checkered shirt. 


For a casual outing, pair your twill pants with your favorite sweatshirt. But if you want to elevate this get up, layer it! You can wear a collared shirt underneath so the collar and sleeves peek through the sweatshirt for a more youthful look. For shoes, keep it simple with sneakers, and don’t overdo it with accessories. 

Collared shirts 

For twill pants as office attire, you can wear them with collared shirts. Opt for basic colors, such as white or grey, and finish the look with formal shoes. 

Shirts with prints 

If you go out to a party or any event, you can pair the twill pants with printed shirts. If you opt for full sleeves, fold them to make them look three-fourths. Here, you can also go for half sleeve shirts as they can look great. And you don’t have to tuck in your shirt. And for shoes, anything casual will work.

Now you know everything about twill pants. They are soft and stylish and can give you the comfort you crave. While they may feel like a pair of jeans, twill is unique. While the pant lines are close in a twill, make sure they don’t disrupt your mobility or feel too tight. 


What do twill pants feel like?

While twill pants may feel more like denim, it looks like chinos. But they are all different. You can take a look at the above article for complete information. 

What is the difference between denim and twill?

Denim is a type of twill fabric that’s woven differently when compared to twill pants. The fabric structure of both pants is different from each other. Denim is also yarn dyed with indigo. 

Are twill pants good for summer?

If you are wondering is twill good for summer? Yes. They are very soft and durable and can be perfect for summertime. It will keep you super comfortable and they are suitable for all seasons too.