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10 Best Straight Leg Jeans Outfits Ideas

Straight–leg jeans will always stay relevant, no matter where the denim trend takes off. The straight fit of these jeans keeps them timeless and classic looking. They are undeniably versatile and can be paired with any type of top, including turtlenecks, T-shirts, or button-down tops.  

However, having such versatility, they can make styling an outfit a little tricky. Even so, no need to worry, this article comprises 10 best ideas for how to style straight leg jeans for both men and women, follow along to upgrade your wardrobe. 

What Are Straight-Leg Jeans

The straight-leg jeans, also known as regular jeans, are timeless and the most classic-looking denims. And unlike skinny jeans that taper towards the ankle, straight-leg jeans have straight silhouette cuts, the length of the entire pant- all from hips, to the ankle. 

The straight-leg jeans come in low-raise, mid-raise, and high-raise, with hem length typically hitting the ankle, however, most people like to cuff it up or wear them cropped. Regarding how to style straight leg jeans, they are versatile for a showstopper outfit and can go with almost everything. 

How to Style Straight Leg Jeans 

Styling a pair of jeans is not hard, if you know the right spells. To help your imagination, the following are 10 style ideas for how to style straight leg jeans.

Denim on Denim

Denim-on-denim never fails. You can pair the straight-leg jeans with a denim bralette. The straight-leg jeans have a straight cut, which can give an unflattering blocky look, and wearing a denim bralette adds a feminine curve to your outfit, which balances out the blocky shape of your lower half.

And for men, add denim-on-denim by wearing a denim jacket. You can pair your straight-leg jeans with some solid plain t-shirt, and layer over a denim jacket with a pair of sneakers for a cool and casual vibe.

Tucked-in Cardigan Top

A cardigan is a sweater with buttons and is open in the front, making it a great layering piece. However, cardigans are now more than just that, they have evolved from being cozy sweaters to aesthetically academic button-down 90s crop-top. You can look up to celebrities styling their outfits with cardigans.

Pairing a cardigan with straight-leg jeans gives off a chic vibe. Button up and you can either choose to tuck in all, or just do a half tuck. If you are wearing high-waist straight-leg jeans, highlight that waistline with a belt.

Classic Trench

Trench coats are the layering garment originally made for British Army officers. They are made of leather, poplin, or a heavy-duty waterproof fabric. You can pair the straight-leg jeans with any t-shirt, then layer over the trench coat. 

Here’s a fun fact about trench coats, trench coats are most popular among the french, not just as a staple but as a fashion statement. And they are known to wear trench coats all year round.

Graphic T-Shirt

Men can add on a funky look with graphic t-shirts featuring a designed element, like a logo or a print, on short-sleeved tees. They are often used as merchandise for brands that display an image associated with the group or the brand. A graphic t-shirt (full or half tucked in), with straight-leg jeans is an effortless way to look trendy and casual. 

Ankle Boots

Since the straight-leg jeans taper out slightly towards the ankle, they can take boots out of your option. But here's a catch, all you need to do is not add any bulk around the ankle. Ankle boots that are snug to the body are great with straight-leg jeans. You don’t need to have an athletic body for the same. Men can pair their straight-leg jeans with a shirt, and then complete the look with hugging ankle boots. 

Sleek Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are timeless, incredibly stylish, and versatile articles. A solid turtleneck top appears more professional if you are going for a formal vibe. Pair the solid turtleneck top with straight-leg jeans, layer it with a tailored blazer, and complete it with some stilettos. Turtleneck tops that have patterns fall more on the casual side; however, if the patterns aren’t too bold, you can also style them for a professional-casual occasion. 

Statement Jacket

Statement jackets are a bold choice but a good one and give a trendy look in the men’s wardrobe. The statement jackets demand attention; therefore, keep the outfit plain and relatively simple so that it doesn't divert the attention away from the jacket. Pair the straight-leg jeans with a solid t-shirt, and complete the look with your statement jacket. 

Monochromatic Style

Monochrome dressing simply means dressing in a single color, either black, white, blue, or gray, as per your jeans' color. So depending on your jeans, pair a solid t-shirt, as well as sneakers, of the same color. Men can accentuate their outfit with a belt. Also, don’t forget to layer it with a coat or jacket.

Neat Blazers

Here’s the thing, not just the ladies but the gentlemen can too style their jeans for a neat business casual vibe. It requires smart professional tops, blazers, and accessories, paired with the jeans. 

For styling your tailored blazer, pair the straight-leg jeans with a solid t-shirt, or as mentioned in the article, you choose a graphic t-shirt too; just make sure the designs and prints are subtle. Layer it with that neat blazer and a pair of loafers, add a wrist watch and you're good to go.

Ribbed Knitted Top

“Ribbed” is a fabric often used in t-shirts, it is made of cotton and cotton blends, which makes a fabric covered in rows of raised lines. Any kind of ribbed top, all from camisole tops, lace tops, long and short sleeve tops, halter necks, and off-the-shoulder tops can be paired with straight-leg jeans. Ribbed crop tops with jeans are fun, breezy, and comfy for summer.


Straight-leg jeans are timeless and the most classic-looking pair of articles one can have in their wardrobe, and they will always remain relevant. 

Moreover, the straight fit of the jeans makes them more versatile, one that can be paired with any type of top. This includes ribbed tops, turtlenecks, T-shirts, or button-down tops, thus styling depends on your imagination and choices. 

But if you can’t decide how to style straight leg jeans, refer to the 10 style ideas mentioned in the article to help kick-start your imagination.


How can I make my straight-leg jeans look better?

Although straight-leg jeans can be styled with almost anything, you can amp up your look by adding layers. A Denim jacket and a trench coat complement the light-washed jeans, whereas long leather jackets are best suited with dark-washed jeans.

Are straight-leg jeans still in style in 2023?

Yes, straight-leg jeans are still in style in 2023. Wherever the denim trends swerve off to, straight-leg jeans can never go out of style, they will always stay relevant and classic.

How do you style straight leg jeans that are too long?

If the straight-leg jeans hang too long, then cuff them up. Fold up about 2 inches of your jeans from the hem to crop off the length.

What kind of top to wear with straight-leg jeans?

Straight-leg jeans are versatile and can be styled with any kind of top for whatever the occasion demands. They go well with ribbed tops, turtlenecks, T-shirts, or button-down tops, just use your imagination.

Should straight-leg jeans be ankle-length?

Yes, no matter what your height may be, the straight-leg jeans that tend to hand lower than ankle bone make the outfit look messy